February 26, 2010

Up to 80% discount at Gift360 with SBI Card

SBI Cards and Gift360.in have come together to offer discounts of up to 80% for the existing and new SBI Credit Card holders. There are various exclusive products being on display for sale with this offer. The products ranging from perfumes to leather accessories, mobile phones to smart phones, digital cameras, DVD players, home theatre system, external hard drive, etc. Most of them are being sold at great discounts and hence great money saving deals which are available only for the existing SBI Card holders. This offer is valid till April 30, 2010. This is a special offer started for this New Year 2010.

Some of the products being sold with the offer price are mentioned below. I have put the original MRP in brackets right next to it for you to better understand about the off you are getting this offer.

Philips Home Theatre system is sold for Rs. 5999 (Original MRP being Rs. 10,798), Philips DVD Player – Rs. 2599 (Rs. 3499).

Samsung 16 GB touch screen MP4 player – Rs. 9996 (Rs. 14900). Sony Cybershot – Rs. 5990 (Rs. 7990). Blackberry Pearl Smartphones: 2053 – Rs. 10,990 (Rs. 18,990); 2054 – Rs. 12990 (Rs. 20,990). Seagate FreeAgent Go External Hard Drive: 320 GB – Rs. 4499 (Rs. 5899); 500 GB – Rs. 5499 (Rs. 7900).

Reebok sunglass worth Rs. 4999 is being sold at Rs. 856. Philips 7-in-1 Grooming set is priced at Rs. 2299 as against the MRP of Rs. 2695. Similarly Nova ladies grooming kit is sold for Rs. 1816 as against the maximum retain price of Rs. 4500.

GE Bedroom Cordless Phone – Rs. 2150 (Rs. 4495), Reebok sports kit – Rs. 2298 (Rs. 12,596), Whirlpool 20 Grill Microwave – Rs. 4599 (Rs. 6000), artd’inox beer mug set of 4 – Rs. 1200 (Rs. 1390), Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder – Rs. 2695 (Rs. 2995).

Sempre Fashion Jewellery – Rs. 2269 (Rs. 5995), Portico Bed spread gift pack – Rs. 1692 (Rs. 1996), Summit 2 pieces luxury set – Rs. 3175 (Rs. 5990), UCB ladies wallet and belt set – Rs. 1298 (Rs. 2790). Davidoff Coolwater for men – Rs. 1999 (Rs. 3698), Davidoff Coolwater for women – Rs. 2099 (Rs. 3934).

You can more details about this offer and get to know the individual product codes of each of these products here.

Also for every order above Rs. 3000 above you will get a Frank Leon set of His and Her watches worth Rs. 1995 for free with your order.

You can order any of these products online at Gift360 at www.gift360.in/sbicard. Or even call Gift 360 at their toll free helpline 1800 425 1120 or 080-22896600. You can also call Gift360 helpline at 1800-102-5500 to get to know more details about their products and services. You can also order via SMS by sending BUY PRODUCT CODE to 560060.

You can even convert these purchases to easy EMI by calling SBI Card Helpline.

Also check out the current SBI Card and Tanishq offers.

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February 25, 2010

SBI Visa Card and Tanishq Offer

SBI Cards and Tanishq have collaborated to come up with special offers exclusively for the SBI Visa Card holders. This offer will help sparkle your life with Tanishq and SBI Card. You can avail 6% off on all the studded diamond jewellery brought from Tanishq. Also there is a special 15% off on the making charges from the plain gold jewellery brought at Tanishq during this offer period. The gold jewellery offer is applicable only if the total purchase value is Rs. 25,000 and above.

Both offers are valid only if you use your SBI Credit Card, especially SBI Visa Card to make the purchase. The total amount should be made on your SBI Card to get the offer, else it will not be applicable.

This offer is valid till May 31, 2010.

Visit this page for more details about this offer.

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Win Karthik Calling Karthik Movie Audio CDs

AOL India has come up with yet another movie contest and this time it is going to be for the movie Karthik Calling Karthik. You will need to answer four simple questions based on the movie itself to win the audio CDs of Karthik Calling Karthik which is going to release this Friday, February 26, 2010. The answers to these questions and easy to find and can be easily found from the Wikipedia page of this movie. This contest is open only for a limited period and hence just enter it immediately if you want to enter into the chance to win the free audio CDs.

The four questions for this contest on Karthik Calling Karthik are:

1.The film's central character Karthik is ......in nature?
2.Who is the debut director of the film Karthik Calling Karthik?
3."Kaisi Hain Ye Udaasi" song in Karthik Calling Karthik is sung by...
4.What is the character name of Deepika Padukone in Karthik Calling Karthik?

Answer them from the given option and enter your details including address to enter the contest to win the free audio CD. It takes just 5 minutes or even lesser to enter this contest although not guaranteed to win prizes but a well worth a try though.

Visit this page to enter this Karthik Calling Karthik movie contest.

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Royal Images and HDFC Bank Credit Card Offers

HDFC Bank Credit Cards and Royal Images Catalogue Company have made your shopping more easy by way of exclusive offers when you use your HDFC Credit Card to buy the various products listed for the same. Apart from getting these special products at special prices you can even get to pay it back in easy EMI of 6 months as well. This is a limited period offer so you will need to hurry before it ends or the stocks get sold out. This offer is only for the HDFC Bank Credit Card holders.

Some of the products you can buy using this offer are:

Giordano watch with the original price or estimated market price of Rs. 4650 you can buy it at the HDFC Bank special price of Rs. 3990 or can buy at 6 months EMI of Rs. 665. There is also the Citizen gents Eco Drive watch which can be brought at the special HDFC Bank price of Rs. 23,490 or via 6 months EMI of Rs. 3915. There is also a special leather watch case with special straps to hold the watches intact when travelling or at home. It can hold up to 5 watches at one time. It can be brought for Rs. 1320 while its original price being Rs. 2299. Or can be brought at 6 months EMI of Rs. 220.

There is also a special DiscGear, a produce which holds up to 80 CDs or 100 discs at a time. It can hold any types of disc media like DVD, Blu-Ray, Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc. It is a complete organized storage for the numerous discs that you have at home, all will be fitted in compactly and organized. With this DiscGear you will also get free online software which will make the organizing part easier. It will also protect your CDs from dust, wear and tear, etc. The 80 discs Discgear is priced at Rs. 999 (3 months EMI of Rs. 333) while the 100 discs holding Disc Gear is priced at Rs. 1485 (3 months EMI of Rs. 495).

With this special Royal Images offer, you can get Samsung Corby S3653 for Rs. 8520 as against the original market price of Rs. 9420 or can be brought at Rs. 1420 as 6 months EMI. Similarly Samsung Marine mobile priced at Rs. 5340 (while the market price is Rs. 7030). Six months EMI being Rs. 890.

The Kodak EasyShare C190 is priced at the special HDFC Bank Credit Card price of Rs. 7980 (Original price Rs. 8990). The Olympus Waterproof and Dustproof 10 MP Camera Rs. 10,740 (Market price Rs. 13,995).

Sia Art Jewellery a set of 3 gold plated necklace and earrings is price at Rs. 3510 instead of Rs. 4250. These SIA jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty. Similarly Sia Art Jewellery Navratna Set is priced at Rs. 2250 as against Rs. 3000 if you buy using your HDFC Bank Credit Card at Royal Images.

There is also Winsome Bed tray which can be used to read, keep laptop, or even eating and writing right in your bed. It is being priced at special price of Rs. 1800.

Finally there is an insulated tiffin carrier which can hold 3 microwave safe containers as well as a 800 ml water bottle. It comes with handle and shoulder strap for easy carrying.

You can order these special Royal Images products via their toll free number 1800-102-2770. Or can visit www.royalimages.in to get more details. Similarly you can even call 044-24338572 or place an order via SMS by sending “ORDER” HDFC to 56070.

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Signup for Hotmail and win a trip to Goa

Windows Live Hotmail has come up with a contest of sort to promote Hotmail. All you have to do is to signup for a free email ID with Hotmail during this contest period and enter into a chance to win a trip for two to Goa. The process is simple, just visit this Hotmail contest page and signup for free Hotmail ID of your choice and when finished you will be welcomed with a screen where you will need to enter a slogan.

The slogan will be like why you like Hotmail or something like that and you will need to answer it in just less than 10 words to be eligible to enter this Hotmail contest to win a trip for two to Goa. You will be informed whether you are a winner of this contest via your newly created Hotmail ID, so do check it regularly to get updated on the contest. This contest is part of the special promotion from Microsoft, Windows and Me.

With the free Hotmail ID you will get spam free inbox, 25 GB inbox storage as well as free storage of 25 GB at SkyDrive from Windows Live.

Visit this page to enter the Hotmail contest which is exclusively for India.

Win Blackberry Smartphone from Idea Cellular

As part of the Use Mobile Save Paper promotion, IDEA cellular has launched a contest or game where you can participate and win a Blackberry Smartphone. There are several tasks which you can achieve to earn points and thus you would be able to win a free Blackberry phone everyday during the entire promotion period from Idea Cellular.

The tasks including referring friends via SMS, playing games, and thus eventually making your virtual tree to grow online and thus be able to win great prizes including the bumper prize of free Blackberry SmartPhone sponsored by Idea Cellular. You will need to register at Usemobilesavepaper.in and then start by referring or playing there. If you are already a user of 160by2 you can login directly using the user name and password at 160by2.

Visit this page to start this to grow virtual tree and thus be able to win cool prizes from Idea Cellular.

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February 21, 2010

The Great Exchange Offer from Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is back with their Great Exchange Offer where you can exchange any old stuff in your home and get discount coupons or exchange coupons instead and use them to buy products from Big Bazaar and get discounts on them as well. These coupons are not exactly gift coupons or gift vouchers instead they act like discount vouchers which can only be redeemed at Big Bazaar on select products. And this year they have introduced an option to even buy groceries and personal care products, etc. This offer is valid from February 20, 2010 to March 21, 2010 only.

As said above you can exchange anything right from newspapers to old clothes to old plastics and utensils to even tyres at the special counters which are open at most of the Big Bazaar stores across India.

The price range for these old products are as follows:
Old utensils and plastics is Rs. 75 per kg, old clothes are Rs. 200 per kg and old newspapers are Rs. 25 per kg. Even the old tyres can be exchanged at Rs. 50 per piece. You can even exchange old furniture, luggage, footwear, home needs. Old furniture can be exchange for up Rs. 10,000 depending upon the furniture you exchange. Old pet bottles can be exchanged for Rs. 25 per kg and electronics up to Rs. 5000. Old leather goods can be exchanged at Rs. 25 per kg and any other old products can be exchanged at Rs. 25 per kg.

You can use these exchange coupons to buy processed food, home care, electronic products, personal care products, and groceries if you can shop for 8 times their value. For example if you have an exchange coupon of Rs. 100 with you, you should buy products worth Rs. 800 to redeem this exchange coupon and thus getting a discount of Rs. 100 and thus you will need to pay only Rs. 700.

This offers is not valid on mobile phones, gold, and other certain products in Big Bazaar.

Apart from this there are special exchange rates for home fashion, ladies fashion clothing and personal care products. You can buy Benq 24 inch LCD at the special exchange price of Rs. 13,990 as against the Big Bazaar price of Rs. 15,990 and original price of Rs. 18,999.

As said above this offer is valid till March 21, 2010.

Freebies Worth Rs. 1899 with BSNL Broadband

BSNL Broadband has announced special freebies offer on all its broadband plans available. Most of these freebies are although just add-ons or value added services though. But still they worth their money if you are anyway planning to get yourself a BSNL Broadband, which is in fact doing great service in terms of their customer service and reliability of their broadband service and functioning. I am in fact using their broadband and found no major issues till now except on some occasions which is expected in such government services in India though. But I should say that BSNL has improved tremendously at least on Broadband front in terms of customer service, but only thing that lacks is new plans in BSNL and price which is still very high I personally feel.

Coming back to this freebies offer from BSNL Broadband, you will get free games on demand (of more than 300 games) worth Rs. 200. Also free music and video on demand worth Rs. 199. As well as free web conferencing worth Rs. 1500. Finally you will be waived off on installation charges (Rs. 250 for new broadband plans) and Rs. 750 on (landline with broadband plans). These freebies are applicable on all plans available and only for the new BSNL Broadband connections. And can be availed for the first two months of the plan.

This offer is valid only for a limited period from February 15, 2010.

February 18, 2010

Up to 51% off Sale at Shoppersstop.com

Shoppersstop.com, the online version of the superstore Shoppers Stop has announced up to 51% sale on various merchandise they sell online. Apart from that you will also get free gifts on certain products. There are discounts on all products and accessories and clothing being sold from Shoppers Stop Online. The discount range from 10% to 51% depending upon the product and price. There is an additional 5% discount applicable for the Golden Glow customers. The discount for them will be given as cash back for Golden Glow users. This offer is not valid on Crossword merchandise and Gift vouchers. The individual offers are valid till different dates. Check this page to find the same.

From the jewellery offers you can get flat 15% discount on Sparkes branded jewellery, except for rings. And flat 10% discount for purchase value of Rs. 7500 and above for Gili and flat 10% for Sia branded Jewellery from Shoppersstop.com

With Casio watch you will get a flat 10% discount. For Kenneth Cole branded watches flat 20% off. And up 40% and 50% off on Tommy Hilfiger and Giordano branded watches. If you buy Xylys watch for Rs. 10,000 and above you will get a free Kodak digital camera free. For purchase of Timex for Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2999 you will get free Benetton Leather Wallet worth Rs. 1299 for free. Similarly for Rs. 3000 and above on Timex you will get free Benetton sunglass worth Rs. 4999 for free. For Hugo Boss wrist watches there is a flat discount of Rs. 4000.

For ladies handbags, the discount ranges from 20% to 40%. And 10% to 30% for leathers. There is also flat discounts available on skincare and cosmetics available at Shoppers Stop.

For luggage there is a flat discount of 30% for Giordano and Roncanto branded luggage. And for home you get 25% discount on bedsheets and 20% on quilts for Spaces brand and 30% off on Portico branded towels.

Similarly there is a wide range of discounts available on menswear, women’s wear and kids wear including casual wear, formals, ethnic, club wear, T-shirts, etc.

There is a similar offer going on at Mothercare of up to 51% off on range of products being sold there.

Check this page for more details about these offers and to find the last date for each of the individual offers, etc.

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February 16, 2010

Exclusive Offers and Combo Deals on BigFlix

BigFlix, the movie rental portal has exclusively come up with a deal namely Big Deals where you can buy combo packs of various products at great discount. There are two combo packs available to buy which you can choose between them. Both combo offers are available only for a limited period. And comes along with a 7 days money back guarantee without any questions asked, where you can return it if you feel not satisfied with the products or anything else, after buying it.

The first super combo consists of 7-inch portable DVD and TV player with card reader and USB game which is said to be worth Rs. 5100 and a 5 in 1 cordless headphone with FM radio worth Rs. 850 and also Reebok wrist watch worth Rs. 2599 as well as one month unlimited discs membership at Big Flix worth Rs. 375. All these are said to be worth Rs. 8924 but you can buy it for Rs. 4999 which actually meant that you are saving Rs. 3925. You can buy the super combo pack without the BigFlix membership for Rs. 4624.

Similarly with the Jumbo Combo offer you can upgrade to the next level for an additional Rs. 1000. You will get all the products like cordless headphone with FM, Reebok Watch and Big Flix Membership but the only difference being you can get a 9.5 inch portable DVD player worth Rs. 7200 along with it instead of the 7-inch portable DVD player. Thus you are saving Rs. 5025. You can buy this combo without the BigFlix membership for Rs. 5624.

Also note that there is delivery charge of Rs. 249 for each of these combo. This is a limited period offer.

You can get more details about this offer here.

BigFlix has also introduced special discount offers namely, February Magic Offer, on their movie rental plans. You can get 14% discount on 3 months, 6 months and 1 year plans. With this offer you can get the 3 months offer for Rs. 860 instead of Rs. 1000 and likewise you can buy the 6 months membership for Rs. 1634 instead of Rs. 1900 and similarly for 1 year membership you can get it for Rs. 3010 instead of Rs. 3500. This offer is valid only till February 28, 2010. This offer of 14% discount is valid on all the unlimited plans at BigFlix. This discount is on subscription fees. There is an additional refundable deposit on each of these plans.

Similarly there is another offer where you can Rs. 100 just by referring friends or relatives to BigFlix. Your friend will get 7 additional days of movies. And you will get Rs. 100 worth rental currency from BigFlix which you can use to rent out more movies accordingly. You can refer friends to Big Flix from here and also read more details about this offer.

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February 10, 2010

Get Rs. 25 Cash Back with Mobile Top-up with Giftmate

Although this Giftmate offer was introduced many months back, it is back again or extended till March 31, 2010. So you can avail it again by recharging your Giftmate account by Rs. 100 and recharge or top-up your prepaid mobile phone. THe mobile top-up is valid only on the following networks though Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Tata Indicom, BPL (Loop) and BSNL Mobile networks.

The minimum recharge to top-up your mobile talk time is Rs. 100 and you will get back Rs. 25 into your Giftmate account in two days which you can further use to purchase or buy anything of your choice. Visit Giftmate for this talk time offer, to get all the details you want. Also visit this page to top-up your prepaid mobile.

Thanks to Vinoth again for sharing this offer via email.

Even the Giftmate Movie Offer of cash back of Rs. 50 was extended till February 28, 2010. Do check this page for more details about it.

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February 3, 2010

Get Free Gift Voucher worth Rs. 250 from Tradus

Tradus.in, the upcoming online shopping portal, which is part of an ibibo venture, has come up with an offer which is truly worthy. You will get a free Rs. 250 gift voucher which you can then use to buy anything and everything that is being sold at Tradus.in. The only condition is that your purchase value should be at least Rs. 255 and it can be above that. All you have to do is to provide your email ID and mobile number at the given page below to get the gift voucher instantly in your mobile number without needing wait for it later, etc.

The process to get the free gift voucher from Tradus involves the following:

Just visit this Tradus Offer page and there you will see the step 1, where you will need to enter your email ID and mobile number and submit. As soon as you submit these details, you will receive a verification code in your mobile by way of an SMS and you will need to enter that verification code as the next step in your browser and as soon as you do so, you will receive your free Tradus Gift Voucher in your mobile which you can use it to shop at Tradus for a minimum of Rs. 255.

This is indeed a great offer which has come on after the eBay Offer (which offered free Rs. 250 gift voucher) some time back and of course the great Giftmate offers.

I tried this offer and tried to find products worth around Rs. 255 but had great difficulty in finding the product that I can use as well as being around Rs. 255 but end up choosing a head phone from Maxell worth Rs. 249 plus Rs. 40 and hence I had to pay Rs. 39 after entering the gift voucher details at the appropriate place while placing the order at Tradus.in.

This offer is valid only once per mobile and also could be taken off soon as and when they have got the required number of respondents for this offer. Hence just hurry before this offer gets lapsed.

Visit this page to get your free gift voucher from Tradus.in.

This offer was shared to me via email by Winoath.

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eBay India Valentine’s Day Love Yourself Offer

As expected eBay India has come up with the special and exclusive Valentine’s Day Offer, known as Love Yourself, for 2010 as well, just like last year’s Valentine’s offer. You will get a free gift if you just buy for Rs. 999 and above at eBay during this offer period. This offer is valid from February 1, 2010 to February 17, 2010. You will need to pay via PaisaPay to be eligible for this offer. The minimum purchase to be eligible for the free gift, as mentioned above is just Rs. 999. There are different gifts to choose from depending upon your purchase value. The total value includes all charges including shipping costs.

The steps involved in getting the free gift are as follows:
Just login to eBay India and buy anything for Rs. 999 and above. Choose the free gift from the list of gifts mention according to the category in which it falls. Just enter the appropriate gift code allotted for the selected gift and pay via PaisaPay and that is it, you will receive your free gift at the address in which you have registered at eBay India. The gift will be sent within 45 days from the date of the transaction.

The assured free gifts that you will get on purchase at eBay and their corresponding gift code is as follows:

If you buy any products worth Rs. 999 to Rs. 4998 you will get any one of the following free gifts. The gift code is given right next to them.

Hp 2Gb Ultra Slim Pendrive - WELUVYOU01
iBall i675 Headphone - WELUVYOU02
Techmatrix Webcam - WELUVYOU03
Benetton Wallet - WELUVYOU04

If you buy products worth between Rs. 4999 and Rs. 9998 you can choose one among the gifts mentioned below:

Giordano Watch - WELUVYOU05
Trek 4GB pendrive 7xCompression - WELUVYOU06
Plantronics E220 Bluetooth - WELUVYOU07
Belkin wireless mouse - WELUVYOU08

Finally if your purchase value is above Rs. 9999, you will get any one of the assured gifts mentioned below.

Pana Digital Photo frame - WELUVYOU09
Enter HDD Divx Player - WELUVYOU11
Carreraperfume-set of 3 - WELUVYOU12
RaidStore80GBMobileHDD - WELUVYOU13

Visit the eBay Valentine page for more detail.

This offer was shared to me via email by Vicky Bahl.

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Get 20% discount on Greeting and Photo Cards

Snapfish has introduced the special 20% discount offer for this Valentine’s Day. You can get a flat discount of 20% on greeting cards and photo cards which you can send for this Valentine’s Day. You will need to use the coupon code VALCARDS2010 to get the 20% discount credited to your account. This offer is valid till February 16, 2010.

Similarly iTasveer too has come up with 20% discount on super bear and 15% discount on photo books and mugs for this Valentine’s Day. You can say your love for this Valentine ’s Day with a 3 feet tall teddy bear or super bear and you will get 20% discount if you buy it via iTasveer. Similarly you will get a flat discount of 15% when buying mugs as well as photo books during this Valentine’s Day period. You will need to use the discount code VDAY2010 to get the discount credited to your shopping cart.