February 21, 2010

Freebies Worth Rs. 1899 with BSNL Broadband

BSNL Broadband has announced special freebies offer on all its broadband plans available. Most of these freebies are although just add-ons or value added services though. But still they worth their money if you are anyway planning to get yourself a BSNL Broadband, which is in fact doing great service in terms of their customer service and reliability of their broadband service and functioning. I am in fact using their broadband and found no major issues till now except on some occasions which is expected in such government services in India though. But I should say that BSNL has improved tremendously at least on Broadband front in terms of customer service, but only thing that lacks is new plans in BSNL and price which is still very high I personally feel.

Coming back to this freebies offer from BSNL Broadband, you will get free games on demand (of more than 300 games) worth Rs. 200. Also free music and video on demand worth Rs. 199. As well as free web conferencing worth Rs. 1500. Finally you will be waived off on installation charges (Rs. 250 for new broadband plans) and Rs. 750 on (landline with broadband plans). These freebies are applicable on all plans available and only for the new BSNL Broadband connections. And can be availed for the first two months of the plan.

This offer is valid only for a limited period from February 15, 2010.

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