February 21, 2010

The Great Exchange Offer from Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is back with their Great Exchange Offer where you can exchange any old stuff in your home and get discount coupons or exchange coupons instead and use them to buy products from Big Bazaar and get discounts on them as well. These coupons are not exactly gift coupons or gift vouchers instead they act like discount vouchers which can only be redeemed at Big Bazaar on select products. And this year they have introduced an option to even buy groceries and personal care products, etc. This offer is valid from February 20, 2010 to March 21, 2010 only.

As said above you can exchange anything right from newspapers to old clothes to old plastics and utensils to even tyres at the special counters which are open at most of the Big Bazaar stores across India.

The price range for these old products are as follows:
Old utensils and plastics is Rs. 75 per kg, old clothes are Rs. 200 per kg and old newspapers are Rs. 25 per kg. Even the old tyres can be exchanged at Rs. 50 per piece. You can even exchange old furniture, luggage, footwear, home needs. Old furniture can be exchange for up Rs. 10,000 depending upon the furniture you exchange. Old pet bottles can be exchanged for Rs. 25 per kg and electronics up to Rs. 5000. Old leather goods can be exchanged at Rs. 25 per kg and any other old products can be exchanged at Rs. 25 per kg.

You can use these exchange coupons to buy processed food, home care, electronic products, personal care products, and groceries if you can shop for 8 times their value. For example if you have an exchange coupon of Rs. 100 with you, you should buy products worth Rs. 800 to redeem this exchange coupon and thus getting a discount of Rs. 100 and thus you will need to pay only Rs. 700.

This offers is not valid on mobile phones, gold, and other certain products in Big Bazaar.

Apart from this there are special exchange rates for home fashion, ladies fashion clothing and personal care products. You can buy Benq 24 inch LCD at the special exchange price of Rs. 13,990 as against the Big Bazaar price of Rs. 15,990 and original price of Rs. 18,999.

As said above this offer is valid till March 21, 2010.


Naveen said...

Can you provide the link or customer care number for this offer.

Shiva said...

hi Naveen, pls try this number, this is the general big bazaar helpline number 1800-22-3050 or 6000-2255 (I guess delhi number).. let me know if it works. There is no seperate helpline given for the above exchange offer this year.

vikash said...

About the big bazaar exchange offer, point 7 in the coupon states that - for electronics and "food" - you will need to purchase 8 times the value of coupon. This suggests that only for food items, we will need to spend 8 times the coupon value. Point 7 doesnt mention that this 8 times rule is for ' Electronics and Food Bazaar'. HOwever, the fact is that they apply this rule to their 'Food Bazaar' items! Why cant they mention food bazaar instead of food? This is confusing and looks like a way of confusing and cheating the customers. Then their representattives say that we should assume that this is for food bazaar and not food!

Naveen said...

This is not working, I got future bazaar customer care no (022) 678-40-400. From them i got Chennai Pondy bazaar - big bazaar number. This is offer is valid till this month end only.

Naveen said...

Siva - This is a whole cumbersome process where they have their own rules and regulations at every POS. You need to buy goods worth Rs.4000 to get Rs.1000 discount and in case of Electronics and Food Bazaar its for Rs.8000 you can redeem coupons for Rs.1000. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE FINE PRINT - ALL THESE WORKS ON THE MRP RATE OF THE PRODUCT. People who want to get rid of their old products and are very loyal to Big Bazaar can avail these offers. Siva request you to do a detailed study of these gimmicks in near future.

Shiva said...

@Naveen, pls read my post about the same Big Bazar exchange offer, that i did last year, where I have clearly mentioned about how it works, etc.


Naveen said...

Thanks Siva, You could have provided the link in your post which you have done this year, this would have helped us to know about the offer in details.

As always said READ THE FINE PRINT.

rani said...

what does the big bazaar do with this old newspapers?