February 25, 2010

Royal Images and HDFC Bank Credit Card Offers

HDFC Bank Credit Cards and Royal Images Catalogue Company have made your shopping more easy by way of exclusive offers when you use your HDFC Credit Card to buy the various products listed for the same. Apart from getting these special products at special prices you can even get to pay it back in easy EMI of 6 months as well. This is a limited period offer so you will need to hurry before it ends or the stocks get sold out. This offer is only for the HDFC Bank Credit Card holders.

Some of the products you can buy using this offer are:

Giordano watch with the original price or estimated market price of Rs. 4650 you can buy it at the HDFC Bank special price of Rs. 3990 or can buy at 6 months EMI of Rs. 665. There is also the Citizen gents Eco Drive watch which can be brought at the special HDFC Bank price of Rs. 23,490 or via 6 months EMI of Rs. 3915. There is also a special leather watch case with special straps to hold the watches intact when travelling or at home. It can hold up to 5 watches at one time. It can be brought for Rs. 1320 while its original price being Rs. 2299. Or can be brought at 6 months EMI of Rs. 220.

There is also a special DiscGear, a produce which holds up to 80 CDs or 100 discs at a time. It can hold any types of disc media like DVD, Blu-Ray, Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc. It is a complete organized storage for the numerous discs that you have at home, all will be fitted in compactly and organized. With this DiscGear you will also get free online software which will make the organizing part easier. It will also protect your CDs from dust, wear and tear, etc. The 80 discs Discgear is priced at Rs. 999 (3 months EMI of Rs. 333) while the 100 discs holding Disc Gear is priced at Rs. 1485 (3 months EMI of Rs. 495).

With this special Royal Images offer, you can get Samsung Corby S3653 for Rs. 8520 as against the original market price of Rs. 9420 or can be brought at Rs. 1420 as 6 months EMI. Similarly Samsung Marine mobile priced at Rs. 5340 (while the market price is Rs. 7030). Six months EMI being Rs. 890.

The Kodak EasyShare C190 is priced at the special HDFC Bank Credit Card price of Rs. 7980 (Original price Rs. 8990). The Olympus Waterproof and Dustproof 10 MP Camera Rs. 10,740 (Market price Rs. 13,995).

Sia Art Jewellery a set of 3 gold plated necklace and earrings is price at Rs. 3510 instead of Rs. 4250. These SIA jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty. Similarly Sia Art Jewellery Navratna Set is priced at Rs. 2250 as against Rs. 3000 if you buy using your HDFC Bank Credit Card at Royal Images.

There is also Winsome Bed tray which can be used to read, keep laptop, or even eating and writing right in your bed. It is being priced at special price of Rs. 1800.

Finally there is an insulated tiffin carrier which can hold 3 microwave safe containers as well as a 800 ml water bottle. It comes with handle and shoulder strap for easy carrying.

You can order these special Royal Images products via their toll free number 1800-102-2770. Or can visit www.royalimages.in to get more details. Similarly you can even call 044-24338572 or place an order via SMS by sending “ORDER” HDFC to 56070.

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vikas said...

My first experience is that the Shipments leave much to be desired as quality of packing is not as professional and accurate.