March 1, 2010

Get Rs.1 per print for 40 prints at Snapfish by eBay

We all know that eBay and Snapfish have partnered together to offer us special store but this time eBay India has come up with a special offer which can be availed only when using a special coupon code given eBay. If so, you will get 40 prints at Rs. 1 per print. Thus you will be able to get them virtually for Rs. 40 for the 40 prints which is indeed a great bargain considering the minimum charge for a 4’x 6’ even at your neighborhood photo studio would be at least Rs. 5 and above per print.

This offer is valid only for the 4’ x 6’ and 4’ x 5.3’ prints. You will need to use the coupon code 40EBAY to avail this offer. You will need to use this special coupon code given by eBay for its existing users (but this offer is valid for all though) while checking out shopping at the appropriate place at Snapfish India website. You can apply this coupon code only once and not more. If you are buying more than 40 prints, then this offer will not be available. You will need to add exactly 40 prints in your shopping cart of Snapfish to get this offer. You cannot combine more than one offer while using this eBay coupon code offer.

There is shipping and tax applicable for your order. The flat shipping charges for Snapfish India for 1-60 prints is Rs. 44 plus tax and hence your order would come around Rs. 90 for the 40 prints and hence even if you consider at this price, the each print comes to just Rs. 2.25 which again is a great bargain of much more than 50% of the market price for the 4’ x 6’ prints.

This offer is a must try if you are anyway planning to get your digital photos printed or have a huge collection of prints lying on your PC or online photo storage websites, and you can print those photos using these offers which are coming up of late, although not regularly.

This offer is valid only for three days from today, hence it will be valid till March 3, 2010, I guess. Check out here and start shopping for the cheapest online photo printing offer from Snap Fish. In case you are not a registered user of Snapfish register first and proceed else just login to your existing Snapfish account and use the coupon code 40EBAY to avail this offer, as simple as that.


Avinash said...

I tried using this and when I pay through credit card, it always fails becuase of mis-calculation of the amount in the first screen and final screen. So always the transaction fails and refund is initiated.

Chirag Mehta said...

It failed for me too, it failed twice

A transaction for this order is already initiated and the order total for the current attempt is different.
Your original order with payment attempt will be invalidated because of the difference in the Order Total amount.