March 15, 2010

ICICI Bank and IPL Kings XI Punjab free T-shirts Offer

As a special IPL or T20 cricket extravaganza ICICI Bank has announced special discounts and free gifts if you book tickets for the Kings XI Punjab matches using ICICI Bank Net Banking. You can get a discount of up 10% and free t-shirts if you book tickets using their netbanking for this IPL 3 season 2010. You can book the tickets at This offer is available only for the tickets booked for the Kings XI Punjab matches. And valid only on Rs. 800 and Rs. 3500 tickets.

The special money saver offers applicable are: If you book 4 to 8 tickets using this offer, you will get 5% discount on the ticket amount. Similarly if you book 9-10 tickets you will get 8% discount. Likewise if you book even 2 tickets for a single match and book for up to 3 to 4 matches in a single go you will get 6% discount and two free t-shirts. Also if you book 2 tickets per match for more than 5 matches you will get a discount of 10% and 2 free t-shirts.

You should visit Book My Show and choose the matches and number of tickets and choose ICICI Bank Net Banking as the payment option and also finally select the KXIP to get the discounts and free t-shirts.

Check this page for more details about this offer.

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