May 9, 2010

Akshaya Tritiya offers on Gold in 2010

This year, Akshaya Tritiya falls on May 16, 2010, Sunday. And many consider this day as the most auspicious day to buy and wear new gold and if doing so many consider or think that their wealth and health will improve and get better for years to come. Anyway this is a belief which was caught on by people, especially in Southern States especially Chennai and other cities and towns in Tamil Nadu and fast catching up with other states in India as well. I am not as sure about the genuineness of this belief as there seems to be some form of hysteria among public of late to fall in line to get wealth and luck in whatever way it comes on.

Anyway this is also the time of the year where many jewellery shops in Chennai come up with attractive offers to get more people (even those who don’t have much belief in Akshaya Tritiya) to buy gold during this season. Just like last year, even this year 2010, many Jewellers in Chennai have come up with various offers and deals exclusively for Akshaya Tritiya and most of these offers are valid only till May 16, 2010. Remember that most of the offers mentioned are only for the gold when brought as jewellery and not valid on gold coins!

And with the raising gold price which is sky rocketing these days, I wonder whether this year it would have the same fervor just like Akshaya Tritiya enjoyed in previous years.

Anyway, I have already mentioned about GRT Jewellers Akshaya Trititya offer where they were offering gold at Rs. 45 less per gram coinciding with their 46th anniversary along with no making charges for certain plain jewellery. And also the option of booking gold well before in advance at the prevailing rate even if the rate of gold raises on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

Prince Jewellery, one of the other leading Jewellers in Chennai which have their branches in Panagal Park, Cathedral Road, Spencer Plaza, Bangalore and Trivandrum have also come up with special Akshaya Tritiya offer this year 2010. They are offering the option of booking gold at the existing or today’s price and can buy the gold on the Akshaya Thritiya day at the old rate in which we booked the gold and if the rate of the gold is lesser on May 16, 2010, you can buy gold at the prevailing rate. Also they are currently offering Rs. 600 off per sovereign only on gold jewelry and low wastage on plain gold jewellery. This is also coinciding with their 27th anniversary offer.

Original Kerala Jewellery or OKJ as it is popularly known as has come with special offer where you can get the wastage for as less as 5% on the gold jewellery you purchase from them. Also if you buy Akshaya Raasi scheme to buy gold in installments you get 1 gm gold coin free.

TB Jewellery (TBJ) is offering gold jewellery at Rs. 75 less per gram on gold jewelleries. This is also to commemorate their 75 years of being in existence in gold jeweler business. This offer is valid only on jewelry and not on gold coins, etc.

Nathella Sampathu Chetty or NSC or just Nathella is offering a special Rs. 70 off per gram on BIS hallmarked gold jewellery to commemorate their 70th anniversary. This means that you are getting gold at Rs. 560 less per sovereign. Also you get 7% off on other products like diamond value on platinum jewellery, ruby, emerald and antique jewellery as well as selected silver articles and jewellery.

Lalitha Jewellery Mart is offering Rs. 125 discount per gram on gold studded 916 gold and no wastage, no making charges, and no stone charges. While they are offering Rs. 100 discount on plain 916 gold jewellery and also no making charges and lowest wastage. On other precious metals and stones you get Rs. 100 cash discount and 7% discount on other precious stones and no making charges for silver articles.

Mustafa Gold Mart is offering gold jewelry at Rs. 50 less per gram on the existing market rate. Also if you join gold treasure gold savings scheme of Rs. 1000 per month and above you can get free gold coin.

Chennai Diamonds which is one of the leading diamond sellers too are catching up on gold fever where they are offering free gold coins for purchase of diamonds from them for this Akshaya Tritiya.

Likewise Mehta Jewellery too is offering 1 gm Lakshmi gold coin for purchase of Rs. 25,000 and above worth diamond jewellery till May 16, 2010.

KFJ or Kerala Fashion Jewellery is currently offering Rs. 45 less per gram but with the value additions like 3% less wastage and no making charges makes your savings at Rs. 125 less per gram on plain gold jewellery.

Finally, Joy Alukkas the latest yet grandest entrant in jewellery business in Chennai is offering special exclusive offers on for this year’s Akshaya Tritiya 2010. You can get a 200 mg gold coin for free with every booking you make of Rs. 20,000 and above between May 7 to May 16, 2010. Similarly if you buy gold worth Rs. 1 lakh and above you will get 5 gold coins worth each 200 mg for free.

Just remember that there are a whole lot offers and deals to lure us to buy gold but it is in our best discretion to find the best jewellery shop in Chennai or any city you live by researching and finding the one which is told as being the best by many existing buyers and friends and relatives.

This will ensure that what you pay for has turned out to be indeed the best investment that you are making, especially in Gold!

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