May 27, 2010

Get up to 40% cash back at Indiatimes Shopping

Indiatimes Shopping has announced a special up to 40% cash back offer namely Indiatimes Shopping Chhappar Phaad Ke where when you shop at Indiatimes can get cash back in the form of gift vouchers of up to Rs. 1000. You will need to shop for at least Rs. 250 to be eligible to get cash back in the form of Indiatimes Shopping Gift Vouchers. This offer is valid from May 24, 2010 to May 31, 2010 only. This offer is valid on purchase at any categories at Indiatimes Shopping except at book club membership.

Order and Gift Certificate Value:
For purchase value up to Rs. 249 there is no gift certificate offer. But for purchase value at Indiatimes Shopping between Rs. 250 and Rs. 750 you can get a gift certificate valued at Rs. 100. Similarly for purchase between Rs. 751 to Rs. 1500 you will get a gift certificate worth Rs. 250. Likewise for purchase between Rs. 1501 to Rs. 5000 you will get a gift certificate worth Rs. 500. And for any shop order between Rs. 5001 and 10,000 you will be rewarded with a gift certificate valued at Rs. 750. Finally for all shopping worth Rs. 10,000 and above at Indiatimes Shopping you will get a gift certificate worth Rs. 1000 as a cash back offer.

Apart from these above cash back you will also be entered into their lucky draw to win cool prizes iphone, digital cameras, camcorders, Blackberry, LCD TV, and much more.

The value of the gift certificate or slab mentioned above will be calculated on a cumulative basis on a particular user ID, i.e., all your purchases between the above mentioned dates till May 31, 2010 will be calculated and you will be fitted into appropriate gift voucher slab to get the cash back in the form of gift certificates which you can later use at Indiatimes Shopping. But it is really vague in the fact that they have not mentioned about whether there is any shopping limits in using those gift certificates which can only be clarified only after falling into a slab and getting back the gift certificate and use it. But alternatively if you want to avail this offer you can contact Indiatimes Shopping customer service to get it clarified before going for this offer.

You will get your gift certificate on June 15, 2010 and that will be valid till July 15, 2010 only. All those who have shopped for Rs. 250 and above and got their shipping before June 15, 2010 is eligible for this offer but the purchase should have been made before May 31, 2010.

You can find all the details about this offer here.

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