June 25, 2010

Get Free Copy of MTV Noise Factory Magazine

After the free Right Choice Magazine offer, now is the time to get another magazine’s launch copy for free and this time it is the MTV Noise Factory, which is in fact the MTV India’s first print magazine. This seems to be an unique magazine targeted at the yep youth of the present India. They have launched the MTV Noise Factory in June 2010. And as a special promotion are giving away free launch copy of their magazine this month. This I suppose is a limited period offer, so hurry before they close this offer.

All you have to do is to visit this gimme page and request the free copy of MTV Noise Factory by giving your personal details like Name, email, phone number and address and submit to get it delivered for free. As simple as that to receive the free magazine to read and to try and see how it is in terms of content and material and then we can perhaps decide on whether to buy or subscribe to it regularly or not.

Again, get the free MTV Noise Factory here.

This offer was shared to me via email by Rakesh Jain.

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