July 25, 2010

Buy 1 and Get 1 Free Photo Mug from Konica

As part of the friendship day which falls on August 1, 2010, Konica Color Lab, the online version of the regular color lab, is giving away free 1 free mug on every photo mug that you order. This offer is valid on all photo and personalized mugs available at Konica Color Lab Online, namely plain mugs and deluxe mugs. You can add any of your photos to it to customize it and can order the same. The plain mug is priced at Rs. 271.99 plus taxes and the deluxe mug is priced at Rs. 317.31 plus taxes. But with this offer you will get 2 mugs for the price of one.

Process involves that you select the mug and upload and pick up the photos you want to add, and then customize it with the mug you got and then preview the same and order the mug. I guess you can add 2 mugs in your order and you will only need to pay for 1 of them. Both can be personalized with your favorite photos.

There will be additional shipping charges as well. This offer is valid till August 1, 2010.

Also Konica is running another promo for friendship day where you can get free 8x12 collage of the photos worth Rs. 300 when you order 30 prints from them. This offer is also available till August 1, 2010.

Check out Online Konica Color Lab for more details.

Also check out the special offer on Myntra which is still available where you can get such a mug totally for free except for paying Rs. 50 as shipping charges.

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