July 5, 2010

Collage Mug at Rs. 200 Off at Snapfish India

As a special offer from eBay and Snapfish, a collage mug which is otherwise priced at Rs. 349 can be brought for just Rs. 149 only. Thus you are getting a discount of Rs. 200 from this offer. You will need to use the special coupon code EBAYJULY to get the discount when buying the same. This offer is valid till July 25, 2010 only. There is a standard shipping charge of Rs. 49 per mug, according to Snapfish India prices page here. So the price of the mug comes to around Rs. 200 which again can be considered cheap because of the collage print that comes along with your mug.

You can create a collage mug with all your favourite photos in one place and either use it as your coffee mug or just use it as a show piece in your living room! You can personalize your collage mug as per your wish, color of the border, own title, shuffle the photos as per your liking and order the same and get it delivered for Rs. 200 with this offer. The exact amount comes to Rs. 218 after the shipping charges (courier charges and packing) and service tax! You are saving Rs. 200 with this offer! Such collage mugs if you try it at your neighborhood photo studios would even cost you Rs. 300 though without any shipping charges, etc.

If you were already planning to buy such collage mug or looking for an ideal to gift to someone, this is an easy option for you to do so, thus you would be able to save some bucks on it. Otherwise don't go for this offer just for the sake of discount without even using it!

The coupon code to use to avail Rs. 200 discount is EBAYJULY. This coupon code is valid only till July 25, 2010.

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