July 28, 2010

Get a Free Sample of Mystery Shampoo

A world renowned shampoo brand is going to be unveiled in India and other South Asian Countries including India. They are pre-launching with a promo in the name of Mystery Shampoo (remember this is not the actual shampoo’s name), the actual name will be only revealed on August 1, 2010 to the entire world. It is also said to be the world’s No. 1 Shampoo Brand in the world and is being used across 40 countries by around 150 million people. This new mystery shampoo is being endorsed by Shilpa Shetty in India.

They are actually also giving away this free Mystery Shampoo sample in India in Mumbai at Inorbit Mall and Select City Walk in New Delhi. They are also, I guess, going to unveil or reveal the brand name of this Mystery Shampoo on the same day on August 1, 2010. I am rather curious to know about this branded shampoo and waiting to know what that would be! But I suppose this is a woman’s shampoo brand as they have mentioned as this is the No. 1 choice of hair care brand for women across the world.

You can actually request for a free sample of this Mystery Shampoo by requesting for the same via online at their website. Just visit this page and request for the free sample by entering your personal details like name, address, date of birth, mobile number and you will be delivered of the free sample of this shampoo at your address, as simple as that. I have requested for the free sample myself and hope they send it promptly.

Visit this page to know more about this Mystery Shampoo and request a free sample.

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Shiva said...

The mystery has been solved, the Mystery Shampoo is none other than the All New Pantene shampoo with Pantene Pro V.

Munira said...

but no sample recd yet

peace said...

I received it couple of weeks ago with good packing.