July 10, 2010

Get Rs. 500 Free Gift Certificate from Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza is giving away free gift certificates worth Rs. 500. This offer is for those who join Indiaplaza on Facebook. And that too only for the first 5000 followers at Facebook. This offer is on a first come first served basis and all followers will be offered with free gift vouchers worth Rs. 500 from Indiaplaza. To get it all you have to do is to visit Indiaplaza on Facebook and click on the Like button and that’s all. If you are lucky enough and are within the first 5000 to join them on Facebook, you will stand to get a free gift certificate.

There are no other pre-conditions or additional thing that you will need to do but just follow Indiaplaza on Facebook.

And I heard from Indiaplaza that this is not a discount voucher or minimum purchase required gift voucher but a full fledged regular gift certificate which you can use at Indiaplaza. But no other info is available as of now. You will receive the free gift certificate worth Rs. 500 next week (on July 14, 2010). But I am not sure any other conditions could be applied to this gift certificate by them. But anyway there is nothing to lose in this.

This is one of the replies given by the Indiaplaza people themselves in their page on a reply to a comment, “No minimum purchase condition dude ! Just wait till July 14 to be WOWed!!”. Hope they keep up the word and indeed give a full gift voucher to use at any section of their website!

Just visit Indiaplaza at Facebook and join Indiaplaza and wait till July 14, 2010 to get the free gift certificate and then we can tell whether it is indeed a worthy one or not! But my inner mind says, there might be some milder pre-condition attached to it, but I cannot confirm the same as well, I too will wait just like you till July 14. Also remember that it is only for the first 5000 followers. Already I could see 2700 followers out there. So hurry before it reaches 5000 pretty quick!

Also check out that Indiaplaza is giving away free gift voucher (this time it is truly discount voucher and not a true gift voucher though) worth Rs. 100 if you follow them on Twitter here.

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Sudipta said...

indiaplaza, its ur shame! u betrayed!