July 8, 2010

Pay Re. 1 and get 30% off on at Inkfruit T-shirts

Mobstreet.in, a deal a day model website has come up with an exclusive offer where you can get 30% discount on the Inkfruit T-shirts online. You would need to pay Re. 1 as a voucher charge to Mob Street India and get the credit of 30% discount which you can use to buy T-shirts at Inkfrut.com. You can find T-shirts ranging from Rs. 399 to Rs. 599 at Inkfruit. You can buy T-shirts from Ink Fruit from a wide range of choices like the latest Twitter tees, Tere Bin Laden Tees, Kick off tees, message Tees, and much more.

Steps Involved:
Just visit Mobstreet.in and buy the current deal of 30% discount code for Inkfruit.com by paying Re. 1. After that you will be receiving the voucher worth 30% to use at Ink Fruit, to your email ID. You can use this special Mobstreet Voucher Code like a discount code at Inkfruit and get the discount on any of the T-shirts that you buy from them. You should enter this voucher or discount code at the box where it says “Redeem Discount Coupon” and get the discount credit.

You should use the discount voucher code as it is without any modification or change in the same to get the complete and effective 30% discount. And you will could save Rs. 120 or more depending upon the T-shirt that you have chosen.

Visit Mobstreet for more details and to get the 30% discount voucher code to use at Inkfruit T-shirts.

This offer was shared to me via email by Spandan Tolia.

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