July 16, 2010

Refer Friends to Snapdeal & Win Free Movie Tickets

Snapdeal has announced a new referral scheme wherein if you refer friends to Snapdeal to subscribe or register you will be rewarded with free movie ticket voucher which you can redeem for movie tickets online. You should be able to share your link on Facebook automatically via Snap Deal once you enter your email ID and you will be given an unique referral ID to share to get the link to share. I guess you can even share this link elsewhere as well, but not entirely sure on this though.

You will need to visit this page and enter your email ID at the given box and a new and unique referral link will be generated and you will be prompted with a page where you can share the link on your Facebook wall at just click of a button. If Facebook friends subscribes to Snapdeal you will start earning credit for the same. It is a free subscription and hence the process will be easier for you to make your friends join Snap Deal easily.

Once your referral credit reaches 5 friends, i.e., 5 friends subscribes to Snapdeal.com via your referral link you will automatically be sent a movie ticket voucher to the email that you entered. You can win up to 3 movie tickets just by referring or asking your friends to join Snapdeal. As simple as that!

Not sure whether it is a full movie ticket voucher or discount voucher though, but I feel that it would be a full and free movie voucher or by paying a minimum amount but still not sure check out it.

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1 comment:

sarat said...


You will get 120 rs off discount from www.bookmyshow.com + charges

So basically if u book a ticket worth 150 rs then

150-120+16.55rs(service charge)=46.55 rs

if ticket is 100 rs