August 7, 2010

Get a Free Photo Mug with 35 Photo Prints

Konica Color Lab (Online store) is currently running an offer where you will get a free photo mug with each of your order for 35 photo prints. This is part of their Thank You day celebration offer which actually falls on August 12, 2010. This offer is valid only if you order 35 photo prints via Konica Color Lab online and not valid at their Photo Stores situated across Chennai. This offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing offers. This Thank You offer from Konica is valid till August 12, 2010.

Each print costs you Rs. 3.99 at Konica Color Lab and hence the total cost for the 35 photo prints would be around Rs. 140 to 150 including tax but you will need to Rs. 25 as shipping cost if you reside outside of Chennai and wanted to get those prints delivered at your place. You don’t have to pay for the shipping charges if you opt to pick it up from your nearest Konica Color Labs in Chennai. Else this shipping charge includes even for those in Chennai. So the total costs for getting the prints comes to around Rs. 175 and you will get a free photo mug worth Rs. 350 and hence considering the pros and cons of this offer, this is indeed a worthy offer to try only if you are anyway going to get your photo prints.

If you have a whole lot of photos to be printed and lying on your computer idle you can use this opportunity to do so and gain from it by getting a free photo mug and get the photo prints for cheap as well. Also save on the shipping cost by picking it up directly from the nearest Konica Lab.

There is also an exclusive Independence Day offer at Konica Lab where if you order a photo mug, you will get the second one for free. This offer is valid till August 15, 2010. The plain mug costs you around Rs. 270 plus tax and deluxe mugs cost Rs. 317 and around plus tax. Just visit Konica Color Lab online more details on both the above offers.

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Freebies said...

I tried this offer and found out that u need Rs.75 as shipping cost instead of Rs.25, so total cost ={(3.99*35)+75}=214.65