August 5, 2010

Get Free T-shirt from Shorty Capone

Shorty Capone a leading accessories brand which is originally from U.S. has entered India and is giving away free T-shirts for all those who visit their Facebook page and “Like” it and then send them an email with your name and address to receive their free promotional T-shirts delivered at their address. It seems they are giving it away for all those who do it and not looks like a contest though.

But try it at your own liking as I am not exactly sure whether this works or not but according to their Facebook page, they are still giving away free promotional T-shirts to all those who are liking their page and sending an email. I have tried it and mailed them today and waiting to receive the free T shirt myself and hence I cannot guarantee about its genuineness, just ask them directly about it at their Facebook page about it. I am just sharing it!

Just try this at your discretion, but as a trial and error basis you can try it to get free t-shirt from Shorty Capone. They have their stores at major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. though. They have an online store at as well.

Just visit their Facebook page and then like it and send an email to with your personal details to receive the free t-shirt.

This offer was shared to me via email by Sudipta who is a regular reader of my blog. Thanks to him for sharing this offer.

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Dezul said...

Offer is closed day before yesterday.