November 20, 2010

Get Free Indiatimes Shopping Voucher worth Rs. 500

Once again has come up with giving away gifts and gift vouchers just for writing reviews about 3 hotels at their website. This time they are giving away 3 gift vouchers of Indiatimes Shopping worth Rs. 500. All you have to do is to write three reviews of the hotels that you have stayed across India and get the free gift voucher. This offer is valid till November 30, 2010. This voucher can be used at Indiatimes Shopping without any minimum purchase requirements.

Review Instructions:
It seems that Trip Advisor is accepting only original reviews and don’t accept copied reviews or fake reviews and hence there is a chance that your reviews may be rejected for various reasons and hence try this offer at your own discretion. Therefore read the Tripadvisor Review Submission Guidelines before you submit the same. Only hotel reviews are allowed for this offer and not other reviews like destination, restaurant or famous attraction reviews are not accepted.

Voucher Details:
One user can get only one free Indiatimes Shopping voucher with this offer and the same will be sent to you within the 21 days of submission of all the 3 hotel reviews. This voucher will be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. It cannot be combined with any other vouchers or any other member’s vouchers. The best thing about this free Rs. 500 voucher is that there are no minimum purchase restrictions applicable and hence you can buy anything at Indiatimes Shopping for Rs. 500 and above and thus making it a sweet deal to try out, if you really or genuinely have stayed in 3 hotels and can write a review according to TripAdvisor’s guidelines.

Visit this page for all the terms and conditions and other details about this offer.

This offer was shared to me via email by Prashant Jaiswal.

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