December 7, 2010

Get Free Sample of Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub

After the Neutrogena Free Sample it is now the time to get a free sample of the Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub which is from the house of Johnson & Johnson. It helps you clean out all the blackheads in your face without any pain. After the range of Clean & Clear products like the Clean and Clear Daily Care, Clean & Clear Oil Control, and Clean & Clear Acne Clearing in India, Johnson and Johnson has introduced the Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub to help us have a blemish free skin especially on our face.

Now that, as part of their special promotion, they are giving away a free sample of this product for all. All you have do to is to send an SMS “CLEAR” to 53636. And as soon as you send it you will receive a confirmation message stating to reply back with your name and address to the number 9902099020. You should reply back in the following format CLEAR Name Address to 9902099020. And then you will get the confirmation message again stating that your free sample will be delivered soon, etc.

This offer was again shared to me via email by Satish at Bombay Lives.

p.s.: I am yet to receive the free sample of the Neutrogena yet and hence try this at your discretion as I am not exactly sure whether it actually works or not!! But you get the confirmation message about receiving them!

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Ram said...

Hi thanks.. Can we straight away SMS

CLEAR Name Address to 9902099020 ?

That will save Rs. 3 :-p

bharti said...

I did not receive the last two samples: odomos and neutrogena.

I do not know this time it will work or not.

Shiva said...

I am very amused to see people requesting for free samples from me and complaining about the same via email to me!!! I want to reiterate that I am just sharing these offers and freebies and giving these freebies myself!

Vipul Pathak said...

you are doing a good job.. Thanks and Keep it up...

deepak said...


i dont know if it really works or not.

but i had requested for the deep clean sample on 30th of november

and yet to recieve the sample.

its only after the usage one can really appreicate ur hard work

Vipul Pathak said...

yupppyyy got it today... thanks

Shannon said...

Got the product!!!!!