February 27, 2011

Additional Discounts on existing deals at Snapdeal

We all know that Snapdeal is one of the leading group buying or daily deals (deal a day) site with the offers, deals and discounts related to dining, movies, spa, entertainment, fitness and much more. The products or services being sold at Snapdeal.com is already being sold at around 50 to 90% discount on the original or actual price. Now, I am going to share two more ways in which you can avail additional discounts when you buy anything from Snap Deal India website.

Kotak Credit Cards
Kotak credit cards have collaborated with Snap Deal to offer 20% additional discount over and above the existing discounts and offers applicable on a daily basis. You will need to use your Kotak Credit Card to avail the discount as well as you will need to enter the special promo code (mentioned below) at the appropriate place to get the additional 20% discount on your shopping cart.

Visit snapdeal.com/kotak and select the deal corresponding to your city and then enter your details and finally click the link where it was asking for the promo code and then enter the promo code SDKOTAK2 and then you will see the discount reflecting in your shopping cart and then finally buy the same with the extra discount.

HDFC Bank Credit Cards
Similarly HDFC Bank Credit Cards and Snapdeal have come together to offer special and extra 10% discount on the existing offers available at Snap Deal. You will need to use the promo code HDFC10 to get the 10% discount credited to your shopping cart to proceed to buy them.

These 2 options mentioned above seems to be an additional way to get further discount on the already heave discounted price of products or services being sold at Snapdeal.com, just make use of it to avail additional savings on your purchases.

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February 21, 2011

The World Cup LCD and LED TV Offers

As the world cup 2011 fever is slowly going to catch up with all of us, it is the time that many LCD and LED TV brands and retails come up with special offers exclusively targeting us to buy the LCD TVs and LED TVs at special offer price. And they have not disappointed us and as usual the various TV brands have come up with very many offers to choose from and also making it difficult for us to choose from as well!

LG Infinia LED TV
The official brand of the ICC World Cup 2011, LG has introduced special offers for its Infinia LED range of TVs. With this Infinia Cricket Fever Offer you get freebies with select models of LG Infinia LED TV. With the Infinia Full LED 3D TV you get benefits worth up to Rs. 1 lakh 57 thousand namely free 3D Blu Ray Player worth Rs. 19,990 and 3 Blu-Ray movie packs worth around Rs. 3000, HDMI Cable worth Rs. 850 and a 3D Camera worth Rs. 27,000.

With the Infinia Jazz LED TV and regular LED TVs you get freebies like Blu-Ray player worth Rs. 8490 and 2 Blu-Ray movie packs and a HDMI Cable for free. With the Jazz LCD TV you get free Tata Sky Connection worth Rs. 2249. This offer is valid from January 15, 2011 to March 15, 2011. LG is also running a promo LG Lead 11 in which if you buy any LG products during the world cup they your child will get a chance to lead the cricketers at the ICC World Cup.

Samsung LED and LCD TV
With the Samsung range of LCD and LED TVs you will free DISH TV HD package worth around Rs. 3200 for Rs. 750 only in which you will get special value added subscriptions and free installation. Also with the special Samsung 3D LED TVs you will get free 3D Blu-Ray Player, Wireless LAN adapter, HDMI Cable, 3D glasses, Movie Titles worth Rs. 8895 and free wall mount. This offer is valid from February 1, 2011 to March 15, 2011 on select Samsung Flat Panel TVs.

Panasonic LCD, Plasma and LED TV
The Panasonic brand too have come up with their own and exclusive cricket world cup offer where you can win with Viera (their sub brand of LED, Plasma and LCD TVs). With select models of their LCD and LED and Plasma TVs you can get to win Benetton Watch, Couples Benetton Watch, and Casio Synthesizer. With the Panasonic LED TVs you can get free Panasonic Blu-Ray player worth Rs. 10,990.

Videocon LCD and LED TVs
Videocon Gold Cup offer is the exclusive offer that Videocon has introduced as part of the world cup celebration (although not official world cup offer), in which you can win a gold cup or assured gifts worth Rs. 8000 when you buy Videocon LED and LCD TVs as well as Videocon split air conditioners. This offer is not valid in Tamil Nadu.

February 20, 2011

India’s First Unpaid Mobile Connection – T24 Mobile

T24 (Short for Talk 24) is said to be the India’s first lifetime unpaid mobile connection in which you can earn free talk time when you shop every time at any of the Future Group stores namely Big Bazaar, Pantaloons and eZone. According to T24 Mobile you can talk more if you can shop more at any of these three shopping outlets. The telecom services for the T24 Unpaid Mobile Connection is provided by Tata Telecservices LTD and Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd.

How To Get It
You can avail the T24 lifetime unpaid mobile connection if you can visit any of the branches of Big Bazaar, E-Zone or Pantaloons in your city and carry along with you a valid photo ID, address proof as well as a passport size photograph and you will need to pay Rs. 20 for the SIM (special introductory price). You will get the new mobile connection from the Tata Docomo retailers. This will be a GSM Mobile connection. This offer is valid on Central, Brand Factory, and Home Town stores in major cities. This special mobile connection is available only at select states in India.

Lifetime Unpaid
You can then use the connection that you got just like any other prepaid mobile with recharging it regularly and you can choose the plan according to your need. You will get the pulse rate of per second in this plan.

Apart from earning free talk time when you shop at the given stores you can also recharge and avail special offers and discounts on your next purchase at the Big Bazaar or any other stores according to the offer mentioned periodically. For example of you recharge for Rs. 300 using the RC 300 then you will be offered with Rs. 100 gift voucher in the form of mCoupon which you can then use it the Central store to get Rs. 100 discount on your next purchase and so on.

Special Services
Apart from getting free talk time with the T24 Unpaid Mobile Connection you can also avail special services like music on demand, cricket scores, Astro, Love Zone, News, fun zone, etc., with this new and unique mobile services from Tata (Docomo).

This Unpaid Mobile is indeed a new and unique concept which can benefit the regular shoppers who shop exclusively at these Future Group stores and you can earn free talk time for lifetime if you can do so regularly. Visit www.t24mobile.com for more details.

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The Great Exchange Offer at Big Bazaar 2011

Just like last year and every year, Big Bazaar has come up with “The Great Exchange Offer” in which you can sell old junk or scrap to them and instead buy anything from their stores. With this offer you can sell old for more price and buy new for less price. You can buy something from the Big Bazaar stores with the coupons given to you after you sell your old scrap or junk at the individual stores located across India. This offer is valid only for limited period (but the end date is not given) and hence you will need to hurry before it ends.

Old Junk Price
With this Great Exchange Offer, you can sell your old electronics like old TV, old DVD Player, computers, etc for up to Rs. 10,000. They will accept old plastics at Rs. 80 per kg. Similarly they also accept old news papers for Rs. 30 per kg (remember the regular rate for these newspapers would be around Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 at your neighborhood scrap retailers). Big Bazaar also accepts your old clothes at Rs. 250 per kilogram. You can get Rs. 150 per kg for your old utensils at home.

Old furniture can be sold for up to Rs. 12,500 depending upon the quality and condition of the furniture. Big Bazaar is also accepting old luggage for Rs. 100 per bag. Old shoes can also be sold back to them at Rs. 50 per pair. Even the old and worn out tyres can be sold with this Great Exchange Offer at Rs. 50 per tyre. The old leather goods is accepted at Rs. 80 per kg and any other old products, scraps or junks can be sold for Rs. 50 per kg.

Exchange Coupons
You will be issued with the special exchange coupons which you can use at the respective Big Bazaar stores. You can use these exchange coupons for the shopping at 4 to 10 times the value of the exchange coupons. The rates at which you can shop varies from each section at Big Bazaar like the Food Bazaar, Electronics Bazaar, Furniture Bazaar, etc.

The old merchandise or scraps that you are giving should have some resale value and they reserve the complete rights to buy them as they can even reject some of the old junk that you bring.

Not Valid On
This exchange coupon or this offer is not valid on for purchase of gold or certain products or categories inside the store and they reserve the full rights to deny or accept your exchange coupons for the same. If you want to use those exchange coupons to purchase mobile phones, then your purchase value should be at least 25 times the value of the coupon.

Contact Big Bazaar
You can contact Big Bazaar at their special helpline number given exclusively for the Great Exchange Offer for clarifications or want to sell your junk or scraps. The Helpline numbers are: 1800 200 2255 and 1800 200 9495.

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February 4, 2011

Get Assured Gifts with Tradus this Valentine’s

Tradus.in, one of the fastest growing online shopping portal, from the house of Ibibo has announced new Valentine’s Day offer where you can get assured gifts on shopping at their exclusive Valentine’s Day Section. This offer is valid only till February 14, 2011 and valid only if you shop at their Special Valentine’s Day section where you can get various products and gifts listed at special discount price and thus apart from that you get assured gifts on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000 and above.

Offer Details
For any purchase at the Valentine’s Day section you will get Rs. 200 off voucher which can be used at the Goibibo.com portal for airlines tickets across India. If you can shop for Rs. 1000 and above you will get an assured gift of Ibibo Penguin. This amount should be excluding any Gift Voucher you have used to purchase. Similarly if you can shop for Rs. 2000 and above then you will get a gift voucher worth Rs. 500 from Tradus. This gift voucher can be used at Tradus for a minimum purchase of Rs. 1495.

If you are planning to buy gifts for your loved ones this Valentine's Day, online then utilize this offer and surprise them with another free gift of Ibibo Penguin or just use the free gift voucher at your next purchase at Tradus later.

Apart from the above check also the eBay India’s special Valentine’s Day offer.

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Special Valentine’s Day offer at Zoomin.com

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s you can try (if you have not yet) personalized gifts like coffee mugs, personalized posters, etc. And if so you can try this offer from Zoomin, where they are running the buy one get one free offer on selected products exclusively for this Valentine’s Day. This offer is valid only on the name mug, coffee mug and 12x8 collage posters at Zoomin. You will need to use the special promo code mentioned below to get the second one for free.

Just visit Zoomin.com and select either the coffee mugs, name mugs or the 12x8 collage posters and personalize them either with your name, image of your choice, or images of your choice and proceed to checkout. In the name mugs, you can add your name and it will be displayed in a special way, i.e., inside an existing image or picture that are available. You can only add it on the given select images. While for the coffee mugs you can add your image on the existing range of mugs available and proceed. And finally for the posters you should choose many pictures according to the poster chosen and proceed to buy.

Promo Codes
You will need to add the promo code VDAYCOFFEE if you are planning to buy the coffee mug and enter VDAYNAME for the name mugs and finally VDAYPOSTER for the 12x8 poster. So that you will get the second one for free, else you will not be credited with the free option. There are also the shipping charges applicable and it varies according to the product you have chosen from above.

With this offer you will virtually get 2 coffee mugs for Rs. 250, 2 name mugs for Rs. 295 and 2 collage posters for Rs. 350. These are the regular price for the respective single product at Zoomin but with this offer you get 2 of them at the price of one, as simple as that but also add the shipping charges to it!

If you are anyway planning to buy a gift like the above mentioned ones, you can utilized this offer or promo to get the second one for free which you can either gift it to someone else or can just keep it for yourselves. Just make sure that you are ordering them before Monday (February 7, 2011) so that they can deliver them to the place you have mentioned on or before February 14, 2011.

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