February 20, 2011

The Great Exchange Offer at Big Bazaar 2011

Just like last year and every year, Big Bazaar has come up with “The Great Exchange Offer” in which you can sell old junk or scrap to them and instead buy anything from their stores. With this offer you can sell old for more price and buy new for less price. You can buy something from the Big Bazaar stores with the coupons given to you after you sell your old scrap or junk at the individual stores located across India. This offer is valid only for limited period (but the end date is not given) and hence you will need to hurry before it ends.

Old Junk Price
With this Great Exchange Offer, you can sell your old electronics like old TV, old DVD Player, computers, etc for up to Rs. 10,000. They will accept old plastics at Rs. 80 per kg. Similarly they also accept old news papers for Rs. 30 per kg (remember the regular rate for these newspapers would be around Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 at your neighborhood scrap retailers). Big Bazaar also accepts your old clothes at Rs. 250 per kilogram. You can get Rs. 150 per kg for your old utensils at home.

Old furniture can be sold for up to Rs. 12,500 depending upon the quality and condition of the furniture. Big Bazaar is also accepting old luggage for Rs. 100 per bag. Old shoes can also be sold back to them at Rs. 50 per pair. Even the old and worn out tyres can be sold with this Great Exchange Offer at Rs. 50 per tyre. The old leather goods is accepted at Rs. 80 per kg and any other old products, scraps or junks can be sold for Rs. 50 per kg.

Exchange Coupons
You will be issued with the special exchange coupons which you can use at the respective Big Bazaar stores. You can use these exchange coupons for the shopping at 4 to 10 times the value of the exchange coupons. The rates at which you can shop varies from each section at Big Bazaar like the Food Bazaar, Electronics Bazaar, Furniture Bazaar, etc.

The old merchandise or scraps that you are giving should have some resale value and they reserve the complete rights to buy them as they can even reject some of the old junk that you bring.

Not Valid On
This exchange coupon or this offer is not valid on for purchase of gold or certain products or categories inside the store and they reserve the full rights to deny or accept your exchange coupons for the same. If you want to use those exchange coupons to purchase mobile phones, then your purchase value should be at least 25 times the value of the coupon.

Contact Big Bazaar
You can contact Big Bazaar at their special helpline number given exclusively for the Great Exchange Offer for clarifications or want to sell your junk or scraps. The Helpline numbers are: 1800 200 2255 and 1800 200 9495.

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