February 4, 2011

Special Valentine’s Day offer at Zoomin.com

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s you can try (if you have not yet) personalized gifts like coffee mugs, personalized posters, etc. And if so you can try this offer from Zoomin, where they are running the buy one get one free offer on selected products exclusively for this Valentine’s Day. This offer is valid only on the name mug, coffee mug and 12x8 collage posters at Zoomin. You will need to use the special promo code mentioned below to get the second one for free.

Just visit Zoomin.com and select either the coffee mugs, name mugs or the 12x8 collage posters and personalize them either with your name, image of your choice, or images of your choice and proceed to checkout. In the name mugs, you can add your name and it will be displayed in a special way, i.e., inside an existing image or picture that are available. You can only add it on the given select images. While for the coffee mugs you can add your image on the existing range of mugs available and proceed. And finally for the posters you should choose many pictures according to the poster chosen and proceed to buy.

Promo Codes
You will need to add the promo code VDAYCOFFEE if you are planning to buy the coffee mug and enter VDAYNAME for the name mugs and finally VDAYPOSTER for the 12x8 poster. So that you will get the second one for free, else you will not be credited with the free option. There are also the shipping charges applicable and it varies according to the product you have chosen from above.

With this offer you will virtually get 2 coffee mugs for Rs. 250, 2 name mugs for Rs. 295 and 2 collage posters for Rs. 350. These are the regular price for the respective single product at Zoomin but with this offer you get 2 of them at the price of one, as simple as that but also add the shipping charges to it!

If you are anyway planning to buy a gift like the above mentioned ones, you can utilized this offer or promo to get the second one for free which you can either gift it to someone else or can just keep it for yourselves. Just make sure that you are ordering them before Monday (February 7, 2011) so that they can deliver them to the place you have mentioned on or before February 14, 2011.

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