April 6, 2011

Get absolutely free Photo Postcard from Zoomin

Zoomin.com has come up with a new app in Facebook with which you can make a postcard and send it to anyone across India without any charges at all. To avail this offer you would need to “like” Zoomin at Facebook. These are the real post cards which you can create at the Facebook and add your photograph or that of your friends or family and send it across to anyone in India totally for free. No charges are applicable for this exclusive Facbook offer from Zoomin.

How to Get it?
To avail this free postcard, just visit this page at Facebook and allow the app to access y our personal profile in Facebook (later you can disable it if you don’t want it to access your profile). And then choose the photos which you have already uploaded in your Facebook profile or Facebook page, as it will be displayed during the process of creating the postcard. Just choose one photo and then proceed to add your personalized message and then finally add the name and address of the person that you are going to send this postcard for free. And that’s it, Zoom In will send your personalized (with personal message and photo) postcard to them.

As soon as you have accepted the app you will be credited with 5 stamps (where 1 stamp means you can send 1 postcard for free) and hence you can send 5 postcards to anyone of your choice. And also you will be getting 3 postcards free every month via Facebook.

If you are looking to surprise someone with a postcard or want to keep in touch with your family by sending personalized message and personalized photo, then you can utilize this free postcard offer from Zoomin. Hope they are indeed sending the post cards rather than making it just a promotional stunt!

This offer was shared to me via Facebook by Ashish Nalawade

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SKG said...

This works, even though the photo quality may not be very good.