April 16, 2011

The Great Indian Shopping Festival at Big Bazaar

Future Group which owns the Big Bazaar and other major stores across India has announced The Great Indian Shopping Festival this summer. It is on from April 16, 2011 to May 15, 2011. This is valid on all the Future Group stores namely Big Bazaar, eZone, Pantaloons, Home Town, Central, etc. With this festival you can win great and assured prizes for as minimum purchase as Rs. 3000 during the Great Indian Shopping Festival duration till May 15, 2011.

Eligibility and Details
To be eligible to participate in The Great Indian Shopping Festival, you would need to get an e-passbook either from Big Bazaar or any of the participating stores from Future Group. For this you would need to shop for at least Rs. 1000 and above at the mentioned stores. And then you will need to use this e-passbook every time you shop at these stores and collect points in the form of Sone Ki Chidyas (SKCs) and they can be redeemed for great gifts like crockery sets, overnight bag, LCD TV, etc.

The minimum reward points (or SKC) that you will need to accumulate to be eligible for the gifts is 12 SKCs. There are gifts worth around Rs. 15 crores to be won during this shopping offer period. The catch here is that to get these gifts you will need to shell out a minor amount as they are not entirely given as free. You will need to pay an extra Rs. 69 to Rs. 4999 to get these gifts along with your accumulated Sone Ki Chidya.

If you are also part of the Future Group’s T24 Mobile then you are eligible to get T24 Talktime for free along with the existing gifts. And also you can win other gifts like 8 Tata Cars and Make Over worth Rs. 10 lakhs from Hometown, LCD TVs, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Laptops and Garnier gift hampers

Free Gifts
The gifts that you can get when you shop at Big Bazaar and other stores and thereby accumulate points are as follows:

Rs. 3000 - If you can shop for Rs. 3000 then you will earn 12 SKC points which can be used along with a payment of Rs. 69 to get a gift of Overnighter bag or 6 pieces Tumbler set. Also you can earn up T24 Talktime worth up to Rs. 140.

Rs. 6000 – If your total shopping value during the entire offer period of The Great Indian Shopping Festival till May 15 crosses over Rs. 6000 then you will get 24 SKC points which can then be redeemed to get 6 pieces desert bowl set or 20 pieces kitchen set by paying extra Rs. 129. You can also get talk time worth Rs. 255 from T24 mobile.

Rs. 12000 – Similarly if you can shop for Rs. 12000 then you will earn 48 points and you will get 16 pieces dinner set or duffle bag by paying extra Rs. 249 and also earn talk time worth Rs. 285.

Rs. 25000 – The shopping worth Rs. 25,000 will help you earn 100 SKC points and by paying extra Rs. 599-799 you can get free digital camera or video camera or trolley bag. Talk time worth up to Rs. 350.

Rs. 50000 – Will earn you 200 Sone Ki Chidiya points which can be redeemed for gifts like set of 3 trolley bags, 20 L Grill microwave oven and also by paying extra Rs. 1499. You can also get talktime worth up to Rs. 600 from Talk 24.

Rs. 1 lakh – Shopping for Rs. 1 lakh and above will help you get free 51 cm LCD TV or a recliner chair. You will need to shell out Rs. 4999 for it though! You will also earn talk time worth upto Rs. 850 from Talk 24 Mobile.

If you are looking for big purchases and have been postponing or planning for it this summer then utilize this offer to get the above mentioned gifts along with your shopping purchases but remember also that you will need to pay extra to get these so-called gifts from Big Bazaar, eZone or other Future Group stores in India.

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