April 15, 2011

Rs. 499 Photo Poster for Rs. 66 at Snapfish India

Snapfish India has come up with a new offer exclusively for the photo posters in which you can get a photo poster wroth Rs. 499 for just Rs. 66 excluding shipping charges and taxes. This makes a saving of Rs. 433 when buying the photo posters. The photo poster size that they offering is 12” x 16”. You will need to use the special coupon code mentioned below to get this offer when buying the same. This offer is valid only for 5 days from April 14, 2011. This offer was brought in association with eBay India with Snapfish.

The actual price that Snapfish is quoting for the 12”x16” photo poster is Rs. 499 and they are giving at a discounted price of Rs. 66 which is excluding the shipping charges and tax and if you add them (the shipping charges and tax) you can actually buy the photo poster with your favourite photo in it for Rs. 149. This makes that you are getting a good Rs. 350 discount on the photo poster price quoted by Snapfish India. The shipping charges and tax that they are quoting to buy this poster is Rs. 83 (Rs. 69+Rs. 13.99).

With this photo poster you can just add your favorite picture of yours or your loved ones or friends and even gift it to them! It is a real poster size and you can stick it in your living room or bedroom, with your favorite moments in it. If you are looking or planning to have such poster or have a idea or theme in mind you can utilize this offer to buy this photo poster at this cheap price.

The coupon code to use to get the above mentioned discount is EBPOSTER350.

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