April 13, 2011

Win a free trip to Singapore Contest from ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance and Money Control have come up with a new contest of sorts with which you will need to answer some simple questions and if you answer them correctly and enter your details you could win free tickets for 2 to fly to Singapore and have a holiday there. There will be 4 questions based on the location given in the quiz and then enter your name and email id and mobile number to enter the contest.

And also you would have the option opting for the interest in travel insurance from ICICI Lombard or not. The results for this contest will be announced on May 15, 2011. The winner will get 2 free tickets to fly to Singapore. There are 10 destinations from which you can opt to answer the questions and thus enter the contest directly and enter into a chance to win free tickets to Singapore.

Visit this page at Moneycontrol for more details and to enter the contest, just answer them as you may have nothing to lose here and you can opt out of your interest in travel insurance so that they will not pester you with the calls or mails. Just enter the contest and if you are very lucky enough you may win the free Singapore trip!

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