June 7, 2011

Get a Free Sample of Taj Mahal Tea

Brooke Bond Tea is giving away free samples of their latest Taj Mahal Tea Packs. Since they have introduced new flavours in the name of Taj Mahal Ginger, Lemon and Cardamom and they might just be sending any one or all 3 flavors mentioned above for free from Taj Mahal. Or you may just also get the plain and regular TajMahal Tea packs for free with this offer, not sure as I guess they have not started to send the free samples yet!

How to Get it
Just visit Taj Mahal Tea website and enter your personal details like name, city, email id, phone and address and submit the same and keep your fingers crossed to get the free sample of the Taj Mahal Tea to your place. It’s very simple to request them but it is worth waiting to see whether they are indeed sending the sample or not.

I have submitted the same and keeping my fingers crossed in the hope of receiving the free sample from Brooke Bond Taj Mahal which in fact is the first time they are doing such kind of promo as far as I know. Just try it yourself and if we are all lucky enough then we will receive the tea sample for free!

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