July 5, 2011

Free PVR Cinemas Voucher from ICICI

ICICI Bank has come up with “Pay any Visa Credit Card” offer where all you would need to do is to pay the bills of your any other Visa Credit Card using your ICICI Bank Netbanking and if you would do so you will get a free discount voucher worth Rs. 100 from PVR Cinemas. This offer is valid only till July 31, 2011. You can pay off any other bank’s Visa Credit Card from your ICICI Internet Banking and be eligible for this offer.

How to Avail
In order to get the free e-coupon or voucher from PVR Cinemas, just login to your ICICI bank Netbanking account at Icicibank.com and click on the link or option which says “Pay any Visa Credit Card” and then just register any of your existing Visa Credit Card and make the payment for the same from your ICICI Bank Net Banking and then after doing so you will receive your e-coupon which can be redeemed at PVR Cinemas Online to book movies tickets from their website. The e-coupon will be sent to your Inbox of your ICICI bank Internet login.

Important Terms
You can avail this offer only once during the entire offer period of till July 31, 2011. This offer is valid only for the first 15,000 users who use their ICICI Bank Netbanking to pay off their other Visa Credit Card bill online. This e-coupon that you receive from ICICI can be before September 30, 2011.

This is a pretty useful offer for those who have or fulfill all the above criteria of having ICICI Bank online account as well as have a regular Visa Credit Card and anyway have to pay off the monthly statement bill for the same and they can utilize this offer to pay the credit card bill online and then get rewarded for the same with Rs. 100 voucher from PVR Cinemas. There is also no charges being levied by them which makes it even special to utilize this offer to pay the Visa credit card bill and get free movie ticket by doing so.

Get all the details about this offer here.

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