September 30, 2011

Diwali Offers on Toshiba TV and Laptop get Free Gifts

As part of the Diwali Offer 2011 Toshiba have come up with various free gifts and exclusive deals and price discounts on their Power TV, LED TVs, LCD TVs and laptops. You can get free gift ranging from HD2H to speaker system if you buy either Toshiba TV or the Toshiba Satellite range of laptops before this Diwali (Deepavali). This offer is valid almost all models of Toshiba TVs and and select models of Satellite Laptops.

Free Gifts with TVs
With all the models of Toshiba LED and LCD televisions (19 inches to 40 inches) you will get free Videocon HD D2H set top box and receiver sets. Also on other advanced models of 24 inches you will get free 4 GB USB Pendrive loaded with movies in it along with the Videocon HD D2H receiver. Similarly also you will get Toshiba CD Radio on 32 inches Toshiba LED/LCD TV along with the free Videocon HD DTH receiver. Finally with the select range of 40 inches LCD/LED TVs you will get free Toshiba DVD Player with USB Port and 4 GB pendrive with movies loaded along with the HD D2H receiver and set top box.

The LED TV range of Toshiba starts from Rs. 8990 to Rs. 40,000 depending upon the screen size, etc. You can buy them in easy EMI and still get the above mentioned freebies along with your Toshiba TV. As you may know that the Toshiba Power TV can also be run with battery in case of power failure and this is the first of its kind TV powered by battery.

Features of Power TV

  • HDMI
  • PC Input
  • LED backlight
  • Auto Signal booster
  • PC Input
  • Meta brain
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 20 W audio output
  • USB movies

Freebies with Laptops
With Toshiba Satellite C640-X4012 and C640-X4013 range of laptops you will get free gift of brand 5.1 multimedia speaker system worth Rs. 6990. This free speaker is also available on other range of laptops of Toshiba as well. These Toshiba Satellite laptops starts from a price range of Rs. 19,990 onwards.

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Get Free Gifts with LG Diwali Offers 2011

LG Electronics as expected has announced special Diwali offers for this year 2011 as well where if you buy any of the LG products will get free gifts along with it. The LG products ranging from LED TV, LCD TV, CTV, HD LED, Plasma TV, refrigerator, Microwave Oven washing machines, air conditioners, etc. These offers are valid till Diwali of this year and they may extend it if need be though. This year diwali falls on October 26, 2011.

With all the LG full HD LED, LCD and Plasma TV you will get free LG Mobile phone GU220 worth around Rs. 4500. This mobile comes with FM with recording and VGA camera. You can also avail these LG TVs at 0% finance (no processing charges, verification charges or filing charges)

Other LG Products
With the other LG products like with LG Home Theatre System you will get free assured gift of 4 GB USB Drive. With the LG Refrigerator you will get free 3 piece containers as well as special exchange offers. With washing machines you get a free steam iron worth around Rs. 900. It is available only on 6.5 kg models and above.

With all the LG CTVs you will get free DVD Combo. Similarly with the LG Microwave Oven you will get free Treo Bowl Set on 30 litre convection models and above. Also with all the LG Air Conditioners you will get special rates on exchange offers.

These are products that they have announced the offers for this Diwali and hopefully more may follow soon.

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September 29, 2011

Interesting eBay India Shopping Census 2011

Just like last year, eBay India has announced its very own census of India 2011 where it shares with us the shopping trends, as well as exporting and importing trends that have stemmed from various cities and towns across India. This census tells some very interesting and surprising trends when it comes shopping online in India. It tells us facts like which is the top brought product from a particular city, top 10 traded products, top 10 exported and top 10 imported products in India when shopping at the various eBay websites across the world and India. This shopping census is part of their sharing of online shopping trends that happens across their eBay websites and especially India eBay just like what Google used to share us with its Google Trends every month or year.

Top 10 Traded
According to eBay India Census 2011, the top 10 traded product/item this year are 1) cell phones, 2) wrist watches, 3) Solitaire pendants, 4) India Commonwealth stamps, 5) Republic of India currency notes, 6) DVDs, 7) 8 GB pen drives, 8) homeopathic remedies, 9) headphone with mic, 10) PC video games.

Interesting Facts
  • Delhi city ranks No. 1 in this years census with most shopping made from eBay India
  • Mumbai ranks No. 1 in buying most handbags in India
  • Bangalore has imported most webcams
  • Jaipur interestingly has brought more fashion socks brought
  • Chennai ranks top with exporting most marble tiles in country
  • Kolkatta has brought most calling cards on eBay ever
  • Sony is the largest selling brand in India followed by Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Reebok
  • 1267 Rural hubs are spread over India
  • 51% of online shopping comes from the metros
  • Electronic gadgets ranks on top with almost 50% shop for it on the whole

Shopping Trends
  • Maharashtra has brought more exercise dumbbells
  • Tamil Nadu tops with most sunglasses brought at eBay
  • Delhi has brought most travel bags in the country
  • Karnataka tops with most car wash products brought
  • Uttar Pradesh exports most bikinis around the world
  • Kerala tops with export of Christmas trees
  • Goa tops with selling most party wear shirts!
  • Manipuris brought most paintball accessories from eBay
  • Indians export the most to US, UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada

Average Day at eBay India
  • A mobile accessory sells every 3 minutes!
  • A jewellery, portable storage device, health or beauty products, coins or notes is being sold every 4 minutes
  • A mobile phone is being sold every 5 minutes
  • A stamp or watch is being sold every 8 and 9 minutes respectively
  • Toys and books and magazines are being sold every 17 minutes and 20 minutes respectively
  • A laptop and MP3 player sells every 27 minutes and 28 minutes
  • Digital camera and video game console is being sold every 39 minutes

These census places India under a lens when it comes to online shopping made at and their parent websites across the world and is indeed an unique and interesting concept and let us know facts like what are being sold more and who buys them, etc. It is an interesting read indeed especially if you are online shopping enthusiast. It also goes to shows the online shopping which have come a long way in India and is here to stay for years to come and hopefully for the good for the consumers like us!

What do you think or say about this eBay Census? Do you agree or wants to add anything interesting about the shopping experiences or products you brought from eBay India, then share it here on the comments section below.

You can read and download this guide yourself from here. Also check out the existing eBay Dussera offers to get free gifts on your shopping at their website.

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Rs 250 Off Coupon Code from

click here have come up with a special Rs. 250 voucher which can be used to get the discount of the same value on shopping at their website. This voucher code is valid only for 10 days or is valid only till October 6, 2011. This is an exclusive offer on part of the festive season that kicks off with Dussera. With the additional benefit of no shipping charges when buying online at their website, this coupon code is said to be worth it to use if you are anyway planning to shop for your festive shopping online.

Rs. 250 Coupon Code
The coupon code to use to get a special Rs. 250 discount is SUSEP11. This code is valid only on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2000 and above and which means that it is a slightly more than 10% off voucher code. This can be only used at the website and not valid at their regular store. This coupon code is not valid on purchase of fine jewellery, Shoppers Stop Gift Vouchers, First Citizen Membership or Maxit Merchandise. It can be used only till October 6, 2011.

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Special FirstCry 10-30% Discount Coupon Codes is one of the many online shopping websites which have been dedicated exclusively for baby products and more. It is also said to be the Asia's largest online baby and kids store. They are known to stock and sell various baby and kids products online like body and skin care, health and safety, toys, clothes and accessories, school related stuff, music, maternity, etc. FirstCry has also been coming up with various coupon codes every now and then to use at their website to get exclusive discounts on all or selected products. I am sharing the same coupon codes which you can use to get discounts on your shopping.

10% off on all Products
With their new coupon code FCFESTIVAL2011 you can actually avail 10% discount on their entire site. You can buy any products at First Cry and use the above coupon code to get 10% discount on your shopping. This is a special dusshera (festival) offer from them. But this offer is not valid on diapers and SuperSavers products. This coupon code is valid till October 6, 2011.

20% Off on Wall Stickers
Apart from the above mentioned 10% off coupon code at FirstCry there are exclusive products coupon codes for example this Elementto wall stickers which are special stickers which can be stuck on the walls of your kid’s rooms and comes with various cartoon characters, sports stuff, educational stickers, etc. You can buy the same at First Cry and get flat 20% discount on it by using the coupon code FC28SPELMST. This coupon code is valid till October 1, 2011.

30% off on super heroes Tees
They have exclusive range of super heroes t-shirts for kids. You can avail 30% off on the entire range available which are priced around Rs. 399. You should use the coupon code FC26SPSRHR to avail 30% discount. This discount code is valid only till September 29, 2011 (today).

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September 28, 2011

Samsung Diwali Offers with Smart Utsav 2011

Just like every year, I am going to share all the important and useful diwali offers being announced by various electronic companies, super stores, electronic stores, major brands, etc. As part of it, I am starting off with the Samsung Diwali Offer which was announced as Samsung Smart Utsav. These special offers are valid from September 15, 2011 to October 31, 2011 as part of the festive season (read diwali season) in India.

Samsung has announced free gifts and special offers on most of their products being sold in India including their flat panel TV, LCD TV, LED TVs, CRT TVs, home appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioners, etc. In order to avail this special Diwali offer all you need to do is to buy any of the Samsung products to participate in it and get free gifts and exclusive offers.

Samsung Smart TV
With the Samsung Smart TV they have announced various freebies and special offer with it if you buy the same this festive season. You will be getting a gift pack with various stuff and products along with your Smart TV on select models though. You will get gift packs consisting of Samsung Soundbar with wireless sub woofer worth Rs. 23,000, two 3D glasses worth Rs. 9800, free 3D movie CDs, and free 3D content for 11 hours. These are the assured gifts that you get along with the select models of the Samsung SmartTV.

With the select models of Samsung LED TV you get a Blu-Ray player worth Rs. 6900. Along with the Samsung PDP TV you will get two 3D glasses worth Rs. 9800. With the LCD TVs you will be getting free DVD player worth Rs. 2900. Also on select models of LCD and LED TVs of Samsung you will get free 50 movie DVD packs worth Rs. 2000. With the regular Samsung CRT TVs you will get free silver coins worth up to 3 gm.

Home Appliances
With some models of Samsung Front Load Washing Machines you get a free steam iron. With the CBU and SBS refrigerators you get free Bombay Dyeing Gift Sets. Finally with all the frost free and direct cool fridge as well as with the virus doctor ACs, you will get up to 8 gm silver coin free.

Smart Utsav 2011
Apart from the above assured gifts you can also win gifts with Smart Utsav where you will need to enter your Samsung product serial number that you have purchased during the offer period here and be lucky enough to win cash back and gifts worth Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000 everyday.

You can also SMS your product serial to 54242 in the following format: Samsung Product Serial No. Your Name.

There may be other offers along with the above mentioned ones and also these may vary from city to city in India and hence check your nearest Samsung store or dealer to know about the same and any other offers are applicable on other products of Samsung this Diwali 2011!

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September 23, 2011

Get Assured Free Gifts this Dussehra at eBay India

eBay India is giving away free gifts for shopping at their website on the occasion of Dussehra. The only condition is that your shopping value should be a minimum of Rs. 5000 and above. If you can do so you can get an assured gift with your shopping ranging from pen drives, mobile phones, digital camera, hard disk, cordless phone, etc. This offer is valid from September 23, 2011 to October 4, 2011. You will need to enter the specific gift code for each of the gifts mentioned below to be eligible to get the free gift along with your shopping.

Free Gifts
Shop for Rs. 5000 and above
  • Transcend 8 GB pendrive and headphones
  • Philips headphones
  • Philips webcam

Shop for Rs. 10,000 and above
  • Micromax Q2 Mobile
  • Panasonic cordless phone
  • Skullcandy headphone
Shop for Rs. 20,000 and above
  • Philips photo frame
  • Western Digital 500 GB hard disk
  • Micromax Q50
Shop for Rs. 30,000 and above
  • Western Digital 1 TB hard drive
  • Nokia C2-03 mobile
  • Kodak Digital camera
Process Involved
Just visit website and find and shop for any product/products worth Rs. 5000 and add to your shopping cart, just enter the gift code at the appropriate place, make sure your registered address is correct and then finally pay using Paisa Pay option wherein just use your regular credit card, debit card or netbanking to make the payment. And now wait for the purchased products and the free gifts to arrive at your place.

  • You will need to enter the gift code
  • You should have paid using PaisaPay
  • You will get your free gift within 45 days of your shopping
  • You can avail one only free gift along with your purchase
  • Free gift will be sent only to the registered address at eBay

Get all the details about this offer here.

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September 9, 2011

Get Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020 Book at Rs. 20

Chetan Bhagat, the writer, is going to come up with his fifth book named as Revolution 2020 on October 8, 2011. It is priced at Rs. 140 but you can buy them or pre-order them online for Rs. 84 at some of the Indian online portals like Landmark on the Net and Flipkart, etc. But with the offer that I am going to share now you can get this book for just Rs. 20 from This offer is valid till September 30, 2011.

Chetan Bhagat’s previous 4 books are Five Point Someone, The 3 Mistakes of Life, One Night at the Call Center, 2 States.

Revolution 2020 Story
Revolution 2020 is a fiction about 3 people and their life. It is said to be a story about childhood friends Raghav, Aarti and Gopal and about their struggle in life for love, success and fame. This book also discusses corrupt society and this entire book revolves around those 3 characters who look to have a successful life in career, marriage, etc. It may also discuss various facets of life in India in general.

How to get it?
To get the Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020 book for just Rs. 20, all you need to do is to visit this link and start referring friends to this book and about this offer. If 5 of your friends whom you have referred joins for this offer at Indiaplaza, then you stand to get this Chetan Bhagat’s new book for just Rs. 20 as against the MRP of Rs. 140. You will be getting a gift certificate to your email ID as soon as 5 friends joins this refer & win offer on Revolution 2020, with which you can buy this book for Rs. 20 at Indiaplaza. ou also stand a chance to win Rs. 20,020 with this Refer & Win offer from them.

This offer was shared to me via Facebook by Vicky Jaiswal. If you want to stay updated on such offers via Facebook, give my Facebook page a Like.

Update: If anyone wants to buy this book for Rs. 20, just mail me, I have a gift certificate to buy this book at Rs. 20, which I can give it to you, as I have no plans or intention to buy it! Only one is there so whoever sends the first mail will get it.

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