September 29, 2011

Interesting eBay India Shopping Census 2011

Just like last year, eBay India has announced its very own census of India 2011 where it shares with us the shopping trends, as well as exporting and importing trends that have stemmed from various cities and towns across India. This census tells some very interesting and surprising trends when it comes shopping online in India. It tells us facts like which is the top brought product from a particular city, top 10 traded products, top 10 exported and top 10 imported products in India when shopping at the various eBay websites across the world and India. This shopping census is part of their sharing of online shopping trends that happens across their eBay websites and especially India eBay just like what Google used to share us with its Google Trends every month or year.

Top 10 Traded
According to eBay India Census 2011, the top 10 traded product/item this year are 1) cell phones, 2) wrist watches, 3) Solitaire pendants, 4) India Commonwealth stamps, 5) Republic of India currency notes, 6) DVDs, 7) 8 GB pen drives, 8) homeopathic remedies, 9) headphone with mic, 10) PC video games.

Interesting Facts
  • Delhi city ranks No. 1 in this years census with most shopping made from eBay India
  • Mumbai ranks No. 1 in buying most handbags in India
  • Bangalore has imported most webcams
  • Jaipur interestingly has brought more fashion socks brought
  • Chennai ranks top with exporting most marble tiles in country
  • Kolkatta has brought most calling cards on eBay ever
  • Sony is the largest selling brand in India followed by Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Reebok
  • 1267 Rural hubs are spread over India
  • 51% of online shopping comes from the metros
  • Electronic gadgets ranks on top with almost 50% shop for it on the whole

Shopping Trends
  • Maharashtra has brought more exercise dumbbells
  • Tamil Nadu tops with most sunglasses brought at eBay
  • Delhi has brought most travel bags in the country
  • Karnataka tops with most car wash products brought
  • Uttar Pradesh exports most bikinis around the world
  • Kerala tops with export of Christmas trees
  • Goa tops with selling most party wear shirts!
  • Manipuris brought most paintball accessories from eBay
  • Indians export the most to US, UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada

Average Day at eBay India
  • A mobile accessory sells every 3 minutes!
  • A jewellery, portable storage device, health or beauty products, coins or notes is being sold every 4 minutes
  • A mobile phone is being sold every 5 minutes
  • A stamp or watch is being sold every 8 and 9 minutes respectively
  • Toys and books and magazines are being sold every 17 minutes and 20 minutes respectively
  • A laptop and MP3 player sells every 27 minutes and 28 minutes
  • Digital camera and video game console is being sold every 39 minutes

These census places India under a lens when it comes to online shopping made at and their parent websites across the world and is indeed an unique and interesting concept and let us know facts like what are being sold more and who buys them, etc. It is an interesting read indeed especially if you are online shopping enthusiast. It also goes to shows the online shopping which have come a long way in India and is here to stay for years to come and hopefully for the good for the consumers like us!

What do you think or say about this eBay Census? Do you agree or wants to add anything interesting about the shopping experiences or products you brought from eBay India, then share it here on the comments section below.

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