October 17, 2011

Get Moser Baer Movie DVD or CD for Free

As you may know by now from my previous post Moser Baer is currently running a special online diwali promo where you can win some of the assured free gifts as well as free movie DVD or grand prize of free LED TV, portable DVD players or free MP3 players from MoserBaer. But there is another simultaneous offer that they are currently running where you can get yourself a free movie CD or DVD from Moser Baer and all you need to is to refer your friends to their website. The details on how to get your free DVD is given below, its actually quite simple.

How to Get Free Movie DVD/CD
To get yourself a free movie CD or DVD from MoserBaer, all you need to do is to visit their website and register yourself for free. If you already are a member at their website then just login to it. Then visit this referral page of theirs and start referring your friends or relatives to their website just by entering their name and their email ID as well as add a persona message of yours and then send your reference to them. You will get your free movie DVD/CD if only if at least 5 of the persons that you have referred have registered with them for free.

You can actually refer as many friends as you wish but you will get only one free movie DVD if and only if at least 5 of them have joined their website. It is a very simple referral program where everything that everyone does is free and you get free DVD or CD with the movie of their choice in it. It may be worth it since you will receive the free movie title to your place and all you do is send your friend's email IDs and they also may be interested in referring more friends and receive themselves a free DVD and so on!!

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