November 30, 2011

The Cheapest Digital Camera in India?

Found this digital camera at Indiaplaza and thought of sharing with you all, as I felt at the price of Rs. 2499 and being a 12 MP camera this could very well qualify as the cheapest digital camera available in India, at least available online, which is of at least higher configuration and a good brand (Fujifilm). The digital camera I was talking about is the Fujifilm FinePix C20. I could also be wrong but at least according to me this sounds the cheapest considering you get the original product from Indiaplaza. According to my own research this could very well be the cheapest point and shoot camera in India.
Features of Fujifilm FinePix C20
  • 12 MP with 3x Zoom
  • 2.4 inch LCD Screen Size
  • 12 Million pixels
  • Maximum shutter speed 1/2000 seconds
  • Color filter feature
  • Fujinon optical zoom lens
  • Comes in black and silver colors
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Free 4 GB Memory Card

At the Indiaplaza, the price was mentioned as Rs. 3499 but if you add that to your shopping cart, the price will automatically be shown as Rs. 2499 as you get additional Rs. 1000 cash back. You can choose either the black or silver color. You get free shipping as well as 7 days return protection for this digital camera.

This Fujifilm FinePix C20 seems to be a quite decent camera at this price and if you have been planning to buy a very basic camera with decent features then give it a try as I guess it is money’s worth as you get 2 years warranty as well!!

Additional Discount (May or May not work)
Also if you have planned to buy the above digital camera, and if you have ICICI Netbanking or Credit Card then try using the following gift code ICICIFEST12 to get additional 12% discount on it. Just try, it may or may not work, as I have not tested it yet. Just giving you additional tip to get more discount on already heavily discounted price of Rs. 2499 for this wonderful 12 MP camera. If any of you have used it and got the discount, please do share it here.

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Get Assured Free Gifts on Shopping with eBay

eBay India, as part of the winter celebration has come up with their usual free gifts on shopping offer. The minimum shopping that needs to be done to be eligible for getting assured free gifts is Rs. 5000. The free gifts range from pendrive, Bluetooth, headphones, digital camera, mobile phone, etc. This offer is valid for the shopping made till December 8, 2011. This is part of their regular free gifts offer that eBay every now and then comes up with.

You will need to enter the respective gift code when doing your shopping to be eligible for this offer.

Assured Gifts (the gift code is given in brackets)
Shopping between Rs.5000 to Rs. 9999
  • Transcend 8gb Pendrive (EBAYWINT01)
  • Philips Headphones (EBAYWINT02)
  • Logitech Webcam (EBAYWINT03)

Shopping between Rs. 10,000 to Rs.19999
  • Skullcandy iCon Headphone (EBAYWINT04)
  • 16GB Sony Pendrive (EBAYWINT05)
  • Jabra Bluetooth headset (EBAYWINT06)

Shopping worth Rs. 20,000 and above
  • Micromax Q7 Mobile (EBAYWINT07)
  • Fuji 12 MP Camera (EBAYWINT08)
  • Philips Noise cancelling h (EBAYWINT09)

How to Avail
Just choose the product that you are going to purchase and proceed to checkout and enter the appropriate gift code mentioned above at the appropriate place, then make sure your address is correct and then finally make the payment. You will be sent of the above gift within 45 days of the dispatch of the product purchased at eBay India.

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November 27, 2011

Get Loads of Free Coupons with Coupons Galore

Here's a new chapter that I am opening up in the form of Coupons Galore. This is an exclusive website dedicated to offer you with various coupons, coupon codes, voucher codes, gift codes, etc., to use at various online websites to get you discount, offers and even freebies when you use it. This I have been trying to start for quite some time but only could make it this time. It has been live for a while and I thought this is the time to share it with you guys who have made this blog a decent success.

I hope you give the same amount of encouragement and support for my new venture as well. It is your support that is motivating me to go further and expand. I am sure you will like Coupons Galore a lot more once you get involved in it as it can surely help you save on all your online as well as offline shopping.

Find Coupons
If you are a regular online shopper then it is always advisable that you do a little research in finding coupons to use at any website that you shop as almost all of them come up with such codes to give us some extra discount and hence giving us a saving when shopping online. Just remember to do that search and instead now you can just come to Coupons Galore and search there for all the coupon codes or voucher codes to use to get you that extra discount, it really pays to do so.

What You Can Do?
1) You can start of with by registering there for free and get yourself an account to keep yourself posted on new coupon codes and more. Also you can subscribe to all the new coupon codes that I post by entering your email ID on the home page and confirming it. There is no doubt that you will surely get a great coupon code to even give you 100% off on new start-ups or online stores are coming up in India, so that you know first before anyone else does. Just subscribe once using your email ID and get daily coupons into your email on a daily or as and when it is uploaded basis.

Join Via Feeds
2) Subscribe to coupon feeds on any of the feed reader or via email from here.

On Facebook
3) Also you can visit the CouponsGalore Facebook Page and give it a "LIKE" to get updates via Facebook.

4) To receive coupon codes via your mobile through SMS, just visit the Coupons Galore SMS page and sign up and join that page to receive a new SMS whenever there is a new coupon being posted.

Google Plus
5) Add coupons galore to your circle or Give a +1 at Google Plus.

On Twitter
6) You can receive updates on various coupons via Twitter.

I would personally request you all to subscribe or join any of the one or all the above mentioned options to keep in touch at Coupons Galore. See you all guys there, just wish me luck on this new venture and hope it will be beneficial for all of you. I hope I get all your support and wishes on this new venture and hope you great people will make it a success. I would also like to hear your suggestions, tips and ideas on what you would like to see more there and what can be done to improve it, etc. Also you can share this with all your friends on whatever way possible either via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

I can assure you one thing and that you will not regret doing any of the above mentioned actions now as you can surely only benefit from it because of all the savings you can make using all those coupons, vouchers, gift codes, etc.

November 24, 2011

Choose Between the Two Cheapest Printers in India

When I was browsing through I was stumbled upon by a printer which was priced just under Rs. 1699 and thought it would just fit in with the criteria of the cheapest printer available in India but then I was even surprised to see another printer priced lesser at Rs. 1649 and came to the conclusion that these two must be the cheapest printers available in India, as I have not personally seen any lesser priced printers in India, at least online. The two printers I am speaking about are the HP Deskjet 1000 - J110a Printer and the Epson Stylus - T13 Printer and they are priced at Rs. 1699 and Rs. 1649 respectively.

They both are inkjet printers and are ideally suited for home use where there may not be much printing that needs to be done, may be once a week or may be daily once or twice.

HP Deskjet 1000 - J110a Printer (Rs. 1699)
This printer is a single function compact color printer which connects with any basic Windows PC which has XP OS and connects via USB and comes at a size of just 421 x 380 x 266 mm and the total weight of 2 kg. The ideal printer to hold the regular A4 sheets and get the both black and white and color prints right at your home. The color resolution of this printer is 4800 x 1200 dpi. Apart from A4 sheets you can use it to print envelops and other basic paper sizes. It consumes less than 10 watts in power with very less noise. Holds 60 sheets of paper at a time and output tray of 25 papers.

This is an ideal and cheap printer for regular to rare use at home. The only drawback being that its cartridge lasts only for the 100 papers and you will either need to replace it with new cartridge or you refill it with the ink that are available in the market which may make it cheaper for regular use.

Epson Stylus - T13 Printer (Rs. 1649)
This is yet another inkjet printer from Epson probably the cheapest printer in India. It is a compact single function color printer in the size range of 415 x 135 x 227 mm and with a weight of just 2.4kg. It comes with power and stop button for loading and unloading of papers. It comes with an input capacity tray of 100 sheets of paper. There are 3 color and 1 black cartridge inside the top cover of this printer for easy removal and adjustments, etc. The maximum color resolution of this printer is 5760 x 1440 dpi. Each cartridge can get up to 250 black and white prints and around 400 color prints. It supports A4 to the most basic paper sizes for printing.

This is also a very compact and perfect printer to use at home. Again the major drawback may be the huge cost involved in changing cartridges which can be nullified if you can go for refilling them rather than changing them though.

Both the above printers are available at Flipkart at the above mentioned price and without even needing to pay the shipping charges. I chose the HP Deskjet to buy simply because of its look and the brand name and the existing user reviews posted there.

If you have been planning or looking to buy a printer for home or small office use give any one of the above two printers a try as they seem to be the money's worth, I personally feel. Are really these are the two cheapest printers in India or have you come across even cheaper ones elsewhere, do share the same here at the comments for the benefit of others.

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November 23, 2011

Useful Products for less than Rs.100 at Indiaplaza Deals has an exclusive daily deals section where you can find products priced less than Rs. 100 at the exclusive price. There is a product available even for Rs. 2 which is the Enter Card Reader which with even the shipping charges of Rs. 37 is worth it to buy. There are other offers which can be brought for as less than Rs. 49 to Rs. 199. Do check the daily deals page of Indiaplaza for the same.

Cheap Deals
  • USB light for laptops Rs. 49 (free shipping)
  • Leather headphone with mic Rs. 99 (free shipping)
  • Personalized metal pen for Rs. 69 (plus shipping Rs. 29)
  • Foldable storage stool box Rs. 199 (shipping Rs. 29)
  • Electronic cleaning kit Rs. 49 (Rs. 29 shipping charges)
  • Travel mug with cap Rs. 49 (shipping Rs. 29)
  • Enter all-in-one card reader Rs. 2 (shipping Rs. 37)

The products mentioned above are small yet useful on any given day and are available for very cheap and with free shipping to very less shipping charge.

Check all the above deals at under Daily Deals Section.

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November 22, 2011

Get Flat 45% Discount on Music CDs, DVDs, Bluray

TimesDeal has come up with a special deal where you can just get Sony Music CDs, DVDs and Bluray disks at 45% off at any of the Planet M stores available across India. You will need to pay Rs. 25 to get this deal to use at any of the PlanetM outlets in your city. This offer is valid till February 23, 2012. This offer is valid on all days to use at Planet M stores. This offer cannot be used with any other existing offers at the store.

How to Get it
Just visit and select your city and if you have not registered yet, then register for free and proceed to your city and check if this offer is available there, if so then go ahead and buy it by paying Rs. 25. You will be sent an email containing this special offer which you will need to get it printed out and take to the nearest Planet M store and show the same to get a flat discount of 45% on all Sony music CDs, DVDs, Bluray's, etc.

There are over 5000 international and national titles to choose from Sony but this offer is not valid on Sony new releases. The price of the DVDs, CDs, etc range from Rs. 99 and above. You can buy up to 5 titles in a single bill with this offer.

Deal Details
You can buy multiple Planet M coupons to get 45% off the titles. You will need to carry the printout to get the discount, which is mandatory.

This looks to be a good offer especially if you are regular music CD or movie DVDs from such stores as you get special flat 45% off when buying the same with this offer.

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Get all in 1 Card Reader for Rs. 2 (Rs. 37 Shipping)

Indiaplaza as part of their deal of the month offer has introduced an offer with which you can buy an USB all-in-one card reader to transfer all your digital data to your PC for just Rs. 2, but the catch here is that you will need to shell out a shipping charge of Rs. 37 for the same, but still Rs. 39 for this product seems to be worth it. This all-in-one memory card is from the brand Enter.

Enter All in 1 Card Reader
• USB 2.0 high speed transfer
• Supports almost all of the memory cards
• Supports read and write operations in each of the memory cards

With this Enter all in 1 card reader you can transfer all the digital data from your memory card from mobile phone, digital camera, etc., to your computer or laptop easily, just insert it in to your USB port and start transferring, it is plug and play and hence it will be easy to transfer. This card reader from Enter comes with a 1 year limited warranty as well.

Although there are many all-in-one card readers available in the market at around this price, this seems promising due to the fact that it avoids all the clutters of wires that comes with it, with this Enter Card Reader you can just insert your memory card in the appropriate slot and enter it into your PC USB slot and start accessing it as easy as possible.

I have brought one and let me see how it goes and how they deliver it on time, etc. Hopefully it would be a decent product at this cheap price!

This offer is valid till stocks lasts and hence hurry before it gets sold out. Get this memory card reader for Rs. 2, here.

This offer was also shared to me by Facebook by Vicky Jaiswal.

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November 18, 2011

Get Pepsi and Popcorn for Rs. 1 at Fun Cinemas

eBay India has come up with an exclusive offer in collaboration with Fun Cinemas across India. With this offer you will get a Pepsi and a pop corn for just by paying Rs. 1 when you book your Fun Cinemas Tickets online. You will need to buy this deal from eBay India directly which you can use at the Fun Cinemas Website to get the Pepsi and Pop Corn for free. This offer is available only if you book your movie tickets online to watch at any of your nearest Fun Cinema Hall.

How to Get it
You will need to visit this eBay India page and buy that deal by paying just Re. 1, i.e., the Pepsi and Pop Corn Combo to use at Fun Cinemas Website. You would most probably be sent an e gift coupon after making the payment which you will need to use at the Fun Cinemas Website when booking the movie ticket to get this combo free and you can claim the same at the cinema hall directly. Also with this offer there will not be any online booking convenience charge which you need to pay otherwise if you buy the tickets directly and hence another saving when buying this deal from eBay.

What you Get
  • 1 Combo pack of Pepsi (300 ml) and Pop corn (30 g)
  • No online convenience charges

This offer is valid only for 6 days but you can use the voucher code till December 18, 2011. But can use it only once. This offer is valid on all the cities that Fun Cinemas has a screen.

If you are planning to watch movies this weekend then you can try the same at Fun Cinemas if it is available in your city and use this deal to get free Pepsi and Pop Corn Combo on your tickets and you get double benefit of not needing pay convenience fee as well as get free combo with it.

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November 17, 2011

Get upto 50% cash back at

As part of the children’s day celebration, one of the leading online baby and kids store has come up with the up to 50% cash back offer on all your purchase made at their online store during this offer period, but the minimum purchase value should be at least Rs. 1000 though. The cash back will be in the form of coupon code which you can use it later to get the given discount on your next purchase. The minimum cash back that you can avail with this offer is 10% while the maximum is 50%.

The cash back coupon code will be generated randomly by their specialized system and will be mailed to you once you have made a purchase at Babyoye. This coupon code can be used up until December 31, 2011 on your next shopping at their website. It will be activated only after your purchase and the product is delivered to your place.

Since being a random generated coupon if you are lucky enough you may get the 50% cash back code to use on your next purchase. But the minimum cash back assured is 10%.


Minimum shopping Rs. 1000 to get cash back.

You cannot club this offer with any other existing offers at Baby Oye.

This cash back offer is not valid on feeding and baby food products.

The cash back coupon can be used to buy even diapers but it will be calculated only the MRP and not the existing discounted price.

No minimum purchase restriction is there for these cash back coupon codes .

Visit their website if you are planning to shop for your baby or kid and as they are offering free shipping and with discounted price, this is a wonderful offer to get cash back on your shopping to use later.

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Get Full Talktime & Offers with Aircel Online

If you have a prepaid mobile with Aircel and are always on the lookout for full talk time or add-on offers on recharges then here's good news for you as Aircel India has announced new way to recharge and get full talk value as well as special offers and packages on your regular recharges. This offer is valid only if you recharge your prepaid Aircel mobile online from their website. You can recharge right from a minimum amount of Rs. 10 to up to Rs. 1000 topups, pocket internet, BLYK, rate cutter, 3G data plans, etc.

This offer is available only if you recharge your mobile online from the Aircel Website and you will not get it elsewhere, so make sure you do it only from there. You can visit and select your circle i.e., like Chennai, Delhi, etc. and enter your mobile number as well as the available recharge, and see which top-up or recharge plan is most ideally best suited for you and then proceed to the payment page to pay using Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank netbanking options.

This option will be ideal for those who are always looking for best offers from your neighborhood store to recharge, but now you can just visit their website online and recharge it anytime to get full talktime as well as best offers on your top-ups.

November 11, 2011

Buy one and Get one Beverage at Barista Outlets

TimesDeal, part of the Times of India Group and is gaining to be one of the leading daily deals sites in India have come up with a very good offer and hence thought of sharing it with you. With their mega deal of the month if you buy one beverage at Barista you will get one more for free. You will need to pay a nominal charge for Timesdeal to avail this offer and get the buy one get one offer from any of the Barista Lavazza outlet in your city.

How to get This Deal
Just visit and choose your city and if you have not registered yet, then register for free and then go to the Barista Offer page buy that deal from Times Deal by paying Rs. 25. And you will be sent a coupon which you can use at Barista Lavaza to get the same beverage for free if you buy the same once. You can only use one coupon per table at Barissta outlet but you can buy many coupons from Timesdeal and gift them to your friends.

You will need to take the printout of this coupon that you receive in your email, to the barista outlet to avail the deal. The free complimentary beverage will be of the same value or category or lesser than that of what you buy from them.

This deal is available only at selected outlets of Barista which Times Deal have mentioned at their offer page, so make sure you look at it before buying. This coupon can be redeemed till January 1, 2012 but not valid on December 25, 2011 and December 31, 2011.

This deal is a worthy one if you are a regular visitor to Barista or otherwise because you need to buy only one beverage to get one more free to share that with another person you go there with.

Get more details and to buy this deal visit

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November 3, 2011

Get free Domain Name & Website from Google

Google India in collaboration with Hostgator and ICICI Bank is giving away free .in domain name, 1 year web hosting and free website, etc. This offer is mostly for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India but anyone try and can get their own website with free .in domain name. Google is doing this service to promote online presence of various businesses in India which are yet to go online via their promotion named India Get Your Business Online. Although it may work for all or may not as they have some certain criteria to be fulfilled in order to get the free website.

What You Get Free
  • Free .in domain name
  • Free 1 year hosting from Hostgator
  • Free Email IDs
  • Free professional website
  • Free support for 1 year

How to Get it
Visit India Get Your Business Online and click on the banner which says “Yes, I want my free website” and proceed to the next step of finding the domain name of your choice by entering the same and find out whether it is available or not. And then proceed to enter your personal details. Here either PAN Card or TAN Number is mandatory in order to proceed further as they wanted only genuine registration of this free service. After that you can then create your own website with the given template and publish your website online within minutes.

This is a wonderful offer for anyone looking to start their own website or web business and you get everything free for one year and then you can either continue or transfer the domain as well as the hosting to any service of your choice.

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