November 24, 2011

Choose Between the Two Cheapest Printers in India

When I was browsing through I was stumbled upon by a printer which was priced just under Rs. 1699 and thought it would just fit in with the criteria of the cheapest printer available in India but then I was even surprised to see another printer priced lesser at Rs. 1649 and came to the conclusion that these two must be the cheapest printers available in India, as I have not personally seen any lesser priced printers in India, at least online. The two printers I am speaking about are the HP Deskjet 1000 - J110a Printer and the Epson Stylus - T13 Printer and they are priced at Rs. 1699 and Rs. 1649 respectively.

They both are inkjet printers and are ideally suited for home use where there may not be much printing that needs to be done, may be once a week or may be daily once or twice.

HP Deskjet 1000 - J110a Printer (Rs. 1699)
This printer is a single function compact color printer which connects with any basic Windows PC which has XP OS and connects via USB and comes at a size of just 421 x 380 x 266 mm and the total weight of 2 kg. The ideal printer to hold the regular A4 sheets and get the both black and white and color prints right at your home. The color resolution of this printer is 4800 x 1200 dpi. Apart from A4 sheets you can use it to print envelops and other basic paper sizes. It consumes less than 10 watts in power with very less noise. Holds 60 sheets of paper at a time and output tray of 25 papers.

This is an ideal and cheap printer for regular to rare use at home. The only drawback being that its cartridge lasts only for the 100 papers and you will either need to replace it with new cartridge or you refill it with the ink that are available in the market which may make it cheaper for regular use.

Epson Stylus - T13 Printer (Rs. 1649)
This is yet another inkjet printer from Epson probably the cheapest printer in India. It is a compact single function color printer in the size range of 415 x 135 x 227 mm and with a weight of just 2.4kg. It comes with power and stop button for loading and unloading of papers. It comes with an input capacity tray of 100 sheets of paper. There are 3 color and 1 black cartridge inside the top cover of this printer for easy removal and adjustments, etc. The maximum color resolution of this printer is 5760 x 1440 dpi. Each cartridge can get up to 250 black and white prints and around 400 color prints. It supports A4 to the most basic paper sizes for printing.

This is also a very compact and perfect printer to use at home. Again the major drawback may be the huge cost involved in changing cartridges which can be nullified if you can go for refilling them rather than changing them though.

Both the above printers are available at Flipkart at the above mentioned price and without even needing to pay the shipping charges. I chose the HP Deskjet to buy simply because of its look and the brand name and the existing user reviews posted there.

If you have been planning or looking to buy a printer for home or small office use give any one of the above two printers a try as they seem to be the money's worth, I personally feel. Are really these are the two cheapest printers in India or have you come across even cheaper ones elsewhere, do share the same here at the comments for the benefit of others.

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