November 27, 2011

Get Loads of Free Coupons with Coupons Galore

Here's a new chapter that I am opening up in the form of Coupons Galore. This is an exclusive website dedicated to offer you with various coupons, coupon codes, voucher codes, gift codes, etc., to use at various online websites to get you discount, offers and even freebies when you use it. This I have been trying to start for quite some time but only could make it this time. It has been live for a while and I thought this is the time to share it with you guys who have made this blog a decent success.

I hope you give the same amount of encouragement and support for my new venture as well. It is your support that is motivating me to go further and expand. I am sure you will like Coupons Galore a lot more once you get involved in it as it can surely help you save on all your online as well as offline shopping.

Find Coupons
If you are a regular online shopper then it is always advisable that you do a little research in finding coupons to use at any website that you shop as almost all of them come up with such codes to give us some extra discount and hence giving us a saving when shopping online. Just remember to do that search and instead now you can just come to Coupons Galore and search there for all the coupon codes or voucher codes to use to get you that extra discount, it really pays to do so.

What You Can Do?
1) You can start of with by registering there for free and get yourself an account to keep yourself posted on new coupon codes and more. Also you can subscribe to all the new coupon codes that I post by entering your email ID on the home page and confirming it. There is no doubt that you will surely get a great coupon code to even give you 100% off on new start-ups or online stores are coming up in India, so that you know first before anyone else does. Just subscribe once using your email ID and get daily coupons into your email on a daily or as and when it is uploaded basis.

Join Via Feeds
2) Subscribe to coupon feeds on any of the feed reader or via email from here.

On Facebook
3) Also you can visit the CouponsGalore Facebook Page and give it a "LIKE" to get updates via Facebook.

4) To receive coupon codes via your mobile through SMS, just visit the Coupons Galore SMS page and sign up and join that page to receive a new SMS whenever there is a new coupon being posted.

Google Plus
5) Add coupons galore to your circle or Give a +1 at Google Plus.

On Twitter
6) You can receive updates on various coupons via Twitter.

I would personally request you all to subscribe or join any of the one or all the above mentioned options to keep in touch at Coupons Galore. See you all guys there, just wish me luck on this new venture and hope it will be beneficial for all of you. I hope I get all your support and wishes on this new venture and hope you great people will make it a success. I would also like to hear your suggestions, tips and ideas on what you would like to see more there and what can be done to improve it, etc. Also you can share this with all your friends on whatever way possible either via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

I can assure you one thing and that you will not regret doing any of the above mentioned actions now as you can surely only benefit from it because of all the savings you can make using all those coupons, vouchers, gift codes, etc.

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avinuity said...

yeah!! As always i will support and want to contribute in your website i will create my account to your new website soon..