December 29, 2011

Win Diamond Ring worth Rs. 22,500 for Rs. 149

Surat Diamond Jewellery has come up with special deal where you can get or win the special 0.51 ct Fine Princess Diamond Ring in White gold worth Rs. 22,500 for just by paying Rs. 149. The original worth of this diamond and white gold ring is around Rs. 22,500 but if you are in for luck you can get it for just Rs. 149 according to Surat Diamonds.

How to Get it?
Just visit Surat Diamond Deals and click on Pay Now Button and buy this deal by paying just Rs. 149. If you register and pay and if you are the lucky winner you will get this fine diamond ring for free. Or else what you paid (Rs. 149) will be credited back to your acccount as Surat Diamond Points which can be used for your next purchase there. So it is like you won't lose anything but get back the paid amount as points to use at Surat Diamonds

The winner of this diamond ring will be informed via email. The existing points cannot be used to purchase this deal. One can even register and buy this deal multiple times to increase the chance of winning this deal.

This deal works like a lottery and if you are in for luck you will get the diamond ring for Rs. 149 or else you will lose the amount or can use it to buy any other jewellery available at Surat Diamond Online. Hence you are actually not losing anything by buying this deal from them with this offer.

This is a good deal to try your luck and if you do not worry about paying Rs. 149 or use it to buy any other jewels there anyway. This is purely a luck based deal and not an assured price deal. Otherwise this is an excellent opportunity to own a pure diamond ring made in white gold which looks really fantastic as well as would the price's worth. It comes with free resizing option. The total weight of gold is 2.2 gm and it is a 14 k white gold and the diamond weight is 0.51 ct.

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My Personal Review of

Here's my experience of review when making my purchase online at which is said to be the Asia's largest online baby and kids portal. I was very impressed with the way they are promoting their website and coming up with various coupons and offers and hence I ordered a kid's clothing and used their coupon code to buy the same and paid the balance via credit card. I thought I had gotten into a good deal by buying a branded clothing, namely Baby Hug. Since I had already brought some products with FirstCry before without any issues, hence decided to try it again.

The Process
The process of searching and finding the products were very easy and I could find them by way of searching and segregating according to age, price and brands were excellent and easy to do and the process of going up to the shopping cart too was done in a jiffy and hassle free.

What I Got
So, the ordering process went smoothly and I was able to order it except for had some issues in using the Coupon Code and could not use it once and hence decided to try the next day and it work and ordered the same by using the coupon code and got the discount credited and paid the balance.

I thought I had ordered a great brand and would receive a high quality around Rs. 400 worth clothing yet I paid only Rs. 250 for the same after the discount, but I was shocked to see a product which was never looking like a branded cloth instead it looked like a stiched clothing by the local tailer and the quality of the cloth was even inferior and never worth what they have claimed to be around Rs. 400 but looked to be worth only around Rs. 100!

Shipping and Packing
I was also not satisfied with the packing I received as it was packed in a small cramped up box and the cloth was stuffed inside that small box, and was very disappointed with the way it was sent to me! The delivery part was okay as it was sent to me via courier.

Since I was dissatisfied with the quality, I decided for a replacement (but by this time it has been used unfortunately) and hence got a negative reply on the same. Also their customer service people are also very confused and was replying without going through the complaint completely. Hence my online shopping with FirstCry in this particular time was a disappointment to be frank.

Although I had ordered some diapers previously and found the quality and the packing to be perfect and of value for money. At that time I was very satisfied with the shopping but the second time (as mentioned above) was disappointed!

I was wondering whether the previous issue with them was probably related to using the coupon code? Only a representative from FirstCry can answer it!

Hence if FirstCry wants to become a leader in this baby or kids stuff online they need to tweak these minor issues and should concentrate more on quality in terms of products as well as their customer service! And I definitely hope they would. They should also train their customer service personnel further to improve the service in particular. Otherwise, I see FirstCry to be a great place to shop for your kids and I would recommend but before going for the purchase, do the research thoroughly on the brand and price and then proceed.

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December 28, 2011

Get Free Sample of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Mask

Neutrogena has introduced a new fairness product namely Neutrogena Fine Fairness Mask and to promote it they are currently offering free sample of the same. They are promoting it via Facebook. It is priced at Rs. 99 otherwise and they are giving it for free as part of the promo.

All you need to do is to visit the Neutrogena Facebook page and click like to watch a video ad of Neutrogena and at the end of the video you will be given a link to enter your details to get the free sample of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Mask. Just proceed accordingly to request the same. You would need to let Neutrogena app to access your Facebook account before entering your personal details like name, address, phone number, etc.

After entering your details, you will get a confirmation page stating that your sample will be delivered within 2 weeks, hope they keep up this promise. I have entered and waiting for the same. You can update here when you receive it, so that we all know that they are indeed sending the free samples as promised there.

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My Personal Review on

As part of the reviews that I had promised some time back, I am back again with the reviews and starting with my personal experience on my buying experience at I just ordered three books at FlipKart and got it delivered on time without any hassles. You can find my overall experience when shopping online below. Apart from the minor hassle I faced, it was a good experience overall, please read my full review below.

My Review
I thought of buying couple of books and since they were not available at the local book dealers I decided to try FlipKart and found those books available and in stock and was very glad about it and immediately latched on the opportunity to order them. Since those 2 books cost less than Rs. 200 (just missed) I decided to add another book to make the purchase value over Rs. 200 to get it delivered for free without any shipping charges (otherwise Rs. 30). Searching and finding those books were pretty easy as long as you know the exact or approximate title or know the ISBN. Apart from books you can find electronics, mobile phones, computers, cameras, home kitchen, health products, gaming, etc. there.

The price of the books are provided at lesser than the MRP at around 5 to 10% less price and hence even better option to buy them at Flip Kart rather than at your neighborhood book shops which charge you with the MRP. Apart from that the shipping charges is a nominal Rs. 30 for orders less than Rs. 200 and they are offering free shipping for all orders above Rs. 200 which is indeed a great way to shop online, my personal opinion.

Ordering Process
The ordering process was not an easy one to be frank, when I was making the payment there were issues like delay in processing and took time to make the payment. But the surprise didn't end there, after making the payment and the payment getting deducted, my order status still showed as "yet to make payment" and I was very disappointed with this and had to email the FlipKart customer service and got the reply within the same day stating that it was technical issue and indeed they have received my payment and the order is on the way.

Delivery and Packaging
Within couple of days, I received the 2 books sent seperately. And in another one day I received the third book without any hassles and the delivery personnel were directly from FlipKart itself and not just by any courier company and hence they are particular about delivering to the correct person and address.

I need to make a special mention about the packaing. I was very very impressed with the packaging they have provided for those 3 books individually. It was well protected with 2 or 3 layer packaging and hence there is hardly any chance of getting damaged (hope they provide the same care for electronics as well) and the book was perfectly in shape and I was very satisfied with it.

Overall I felt very satisfied with my online shopping at FlipKart and decided to dedicate all my book purchases at FlipKart henceforth.

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December 26, 2011

Get 4 Port USB Hub for Just Rs. 99

IndiaPlaza has come up with this exclusive deal where you can buy the special branded Enter USB 4 Port Hub for just Rs. 99 (plus Rs. 29 shipping). With this 4 port USB hub you can connect all your USB compatible devices to your PC or laptop easily without needing additional USB port.

This 4 port USB Hub from Enter works at a data transfer speed of 1.5/12/480 Mbps. It works with plug and play connection and no need of any additional driver or software. It works on all Windows OS.

It is a very useful product if you are having a very limited USB connector either with your laptop or your PC and can connect it to your existing USB port and connect 4 ports like mobile phone, MP3/MP4 player, digital camera, etc.

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Exclusive GoIbibo Rs. 300 Promo Code

Offers Galore has tied up exclusively with GoIbibo to come up with a special coupon code which will help you fetch a good discount of Rs. 300 when you book air tickets at 

Promotional Code to use to get Rs. 300 off on your booking is: FLYGALORE

This promo code is valid on all domestic tickets booked via GoIbibo in India. It is also valid on all airlines tickets which can be booked via Go Ibibo. Valid only on one way tickets booked.

December 25, 2011

Assured Free Christmas Gifts at eBay India

As part of the Christmas Celebration offer, eBay has come up with You Shop. We Gift Offer where you can get some of the assured gifts when you shop at eBay India for a minimum of Rs. 5000 and above. You can get free assured gifts like pendrives, digital cameras, bluetooth, mobile phone, LCD TV and much more on your purchases.

Unlike the last times, you can accumulate your total shopping to add up to Rs. 5000 and above to be eligible for the free gifts. You will need to create an unique code generator each time that you shop and enter it to be eligible for the free gifts mentioned below.

How to Avail
  • Just login to eBay and make purchases
  • Enter the unique code generated from here for each purchases
  • Add up the purchases to get higher valued gifts
  • You can get your free gift within 14 days of the promo end date

Free Gifts
  • Shop between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9999 – Sandisk 8 gb pendrive or Philips SHP2000 headphone or Rs. 1000 donation to charity (The Interface)
  • Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 19,999 – Jabra Bluetooth or Micromax X111 or Rs. 1500 charity
  • Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 29,999 – Fujifilm C20 digital camera or Micromax Q50 mobile or Rs. 2500 charity
  • Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 49,999 – Nokia C2-02 mobile phone or 1 g Gold Coin or Rs. 4000 charity
  • Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 99,999 – Samsung Galaxy Y or 2 gm gold coin or Rs. 7500 charity
  • Purchase for Rs. 1 lakh and above – Samsung LCD TV or 4 gm gold coin or Rs. 10,000 charity

Offer is valid till December 31, 2011. You can get your free gifts from Jan 5, 2012 to Jan 15, 2012.

Get all the details about this offer here.

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December 21, 2011

Pay Rs.10 and get free Pepsi and Popcorn

Just like the previous offer of Fun Cinemaswhere you got free Pepsi and Popcorn by paying just Rs. 1, this time you needto shell out Rs. 10 to get it from Fun Cinemas. And last time the offer was on eBay India and this time it is onSnapdeal.  This deal is applicable forall those who have Fun Cinemas at their city. And this is an ancillary deal and works only if you buy movie ticketsvia

WhatTo Do
Just Visit and look for thisFun Cinemas Deal and buy it by paying Rs. 10. And you will be sent a promo code to use at Fun Cinemas while you arebooking movie tickets online at You cannot use this offer or promo code at the box office at FunCinemas.  When booking the movie ticketsof your choice enter this voucher code that you received from Snapdeal and useit to get free Pepsi and Popcorn combo on your movie tickets purchase.  You will get a 300 ml Pepsi and a 30 gpopcorn at the movie hall.

There is no extra online conveniencecharges applicable when booking tickets at FunCinemas.  There are over 81 screens across around 23multiplexes of Fun Cinemas in India.

If you are looking to go for movies thisweekend and use this offer to buy the same from Fun Cinemas and get freepopcorn and Pepsi just by paying Rs. 10. This is a good offer from Snapdeal.

Get all the details about this offer here.  This offer is valid only for 24 hours fromtoday.

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Get Dell Backpack just for Rs. 749

I found this offer at and found it to be worthy of to buy and hence decided to share it with you.  The price of the regular Dell Backpack is definitely around Rs. 1200 and above but I found this Dell Laptop Bag being sold at Rs. 749 and hence giving you a saving of Rs. 450 and what is even more sweet about this deal is the fact that there is no shipping charges and you can buy this backpack with free shipping.

This Dell Backpack will be shipped within 5 days of ordering and comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.  It can be used to hold 14 inch, 15 inch or even 16 inch laptops.  It comes in black color and the total capacity being 16 inches and weighs 500 g without the laptop.

If you have been planning to buy a backpack for yourselves or to gift to someone this is a wonderful opportunity to buy it online at the most cheapest price ever I have seen.  Just go ahead and buy this Dell LaptopBackpack for just Rs. 749 without shipping charges and 1 year warranty and it is definitely worth it to buy online.

December 18, 2011

Recharge Mobile and Get Assured Free Movie Tickets

FreeCharge India’s probably the first and leading online mobile recharge portal has come up with a new offer wherein you can get movie tickets especially for the latest Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.  You will get an instant e-coupon from which you can use to buy movie tickets at the website.  This e-coupon will be worth Rs. 125 which can be used to buy movie ticket of your choice and the movie halls available at

What to Do?
All you need to do is to visit and recharge your mobile, data card or satellite TV.  The minimum recharge you need to do is Rs. 125 or more in order to be eligible to get the free movie e-coupon worth Rs. 125 from  Just enter your prepaid mobile number and enter the amount of greater than Rs. 125 and then choose the option of Rs. 125 e-coupon from Ticket Please and proceed to pay to get the recharge on your mobile as well as get the coupon delivered to your email ID.  You will need to pay additional Rs. 10 as handling charges which is the usual charge you need to incur if you have recharge at

You can use this e-coupon at valid at a minimum purchase of Rs. 1 and above.  But if you are planning to buy the Ghost Protocol movie ticket you will need to buy 2 tickets and get the discount of Rs. 125 on it.  This coupon can be used till December 31, 2011.  You can otherwise use it as a regular movie coupon to buy 1 ticket worth Rs. 125 but will need to shell out convenience charges regardless of the amount or the number of tickets you buy.

Make sure your city and the desired theatre is listed in before going for this offer as I see some of the major metro cities like Chennai not being listed in there.

This is a wonderful offer considering you are getting free movie tickets just for recharging your mobile which you will otherwise do anyway.
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Motorola MotoYuva worth Rs. 8110 for Rs. 2499

Indiatimes Shopping has a real genuine offer where you can buy the latest Motorola MotoYuva A810 worth around Rs. 8000 for just Rs. 2499.  I just checked the price of this mobile at the offline retail store and found it to be sold for around Rs. 4200 and hence found this offer really genuine to buy at Rs. 2499.

  • Motorola MotoYuva A810 has got some of the cool features to look for in a smartphone.
  • Single SIM phone
  • Bar phone with black and color options.
  • 2 MP Camera
  • Bluetooth, Java
  • 2 GB memory card
  • Access with stylus

At this price I found this offer a good one and hence thought of sharing it with all.  If you are planning to go for a basic phone with features which would do the job rather than going for the pricey smartphones, this phone would do the trick for you.

Find this cheapest Motorola Moto Yuva phone at Indiatimes Shopping.

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Get flat 10% off on Christmas Gifts at Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza has come up with exclusive offer on various Christmas gifts available at their exclusive store loaded with Christmas cakes, decorative, cookies, chocolates, brownies, etc. You can actually buy them at the special discounted price but still get even more discount of 10% when you use the below mentioned promo code.

10% Promo Code The promo code to use to get additional 10% off is XMAS11. This promo code is valid only the Christmas Gifts section at Indiaplaza. The minimum shopping needed to get discount is Rs. 299 and maximum discount you can actually get is Rs. 500. This coupon or promo code is valid till December 31, 2011 only.

Check out more details at Indiaplaza.

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December 17, 2011

Pay Rs. 15 and Get Rs.100 off at Barista Lavazza

Times Deal has come up with yet another good offer and this time also just like the Gloria Jean’s and the Barista offers involves coffee shop and this time you can get Rs. 100 off on your bill when you can buy the same from TimesDeal by paying Rs. 15. This offer is valid across all the Barista Lavazza coffee outlets across India and in all major cities.

What You Need To Do?
Just Visit and register for free and choose your city and then look for the Barista Lazazza offer there and buy that deal just by paying Rs. 15. And you will be sent an email with the coupon code to use at Barista outlet when you go for your hangout there.

Fine Print
  • Valid on a minimum bill of Rs. 200
  • One coupon per table
  • Coupon valid till January 31, 2012 (except on Christmas and New Year eve)
  • Can buy as many coupons as you can to gift or use it yourselves later

This is an excellent offer if you are a regular at such coffee shops along with your friends to hangout and especially the Barista Lavazza outlets. You can buy as many coupons as you can and use it whenever you visit Barista to get Rs. 100 off your bill with a minimum value of just Rs. 200. So you are getting a 50% off on each time.

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December 16, 2011

Flat 75% off on Reebok Combo with Super Savers

YepMe, India's premium online fashion brand has really some of the best combo offers available yet. You can buy brands like Reebok, MTV, Yepme, etc as a combo offer to get great discount of up to 75% on them. I found some of the best brands in combo to be available just below Rs. 2999 or even lower. Apart from these combo offers, Yepme also has their own brands at great prizes. If you are very particular about buying branded clothing and accessories, you can give a try as the price is just as ideal and affordable.

Some Combo Offers Worth Trying
  • Reebok T-shirt, Reebok sunglasses, Yepme suglasses cover, Yepme Jeans, Wallet and belt as well as Suede Shoes is available for Rs. 2999 as against the original price of Rs. 11,493.
  • Reebok T-shirt, MTV Sunglasses, Sunglasses cover, Jeans, belt, wallet as well as Suede Shoes is available for Rs. 2999 with the MRP being Rs. 11,944
  • Reebok Literide shoes and formal leather slip on combo - Rs. 2199
  • Reebok watch, Reebok sunglasses, Formal Shirt and trousers, belt, and cover
  • Reebok T-shirt, formal shoes, wallet and Reebok Sunglasses combo - Rs. 2199
  • Reebok Sunglasses, Reebok Literide Shoes, Reebok T-shirt, Sunglasses and case as well as black leather belt combo available for Rs. 2299 as against Rs. 7545
  • Reebok wallet, Reebok T-shirt, card holder, Reebok sunglasses combo priced at Rs. 1499.

There are also other combo offers available, do check them out yourselves. Most of them are available at a flat discount of 75% off.

What To Do?
All you need to do is to visit YepMe and click the Super Savers link and check out the best combo offers available there. I found them rather cheap with the brands that you get for the price that you are paying. It is worth a try to buy them.

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New Place to Find All Coupons

I am posting it again for those who have missed it last time. Here's a new chapter that I am opening up in the form of Coupons Galore. This is an exclusive website dedicated to offer you with various coupons, coupon codes, voucher codes, gift codes, gift vouchers, etc., to use at various online websites to get you discount, offers and even freebies when you use it.

I hope you give the same amount of encouragement and support for my new venture as well. It is your support that is motivating me to go further and expand. I am sure you will like Coupons Galore a lot more once you get involved in it as it can surely help you save on all your online as well as offline shopping.

Find Coupons
If you are a regular online shopper then it is always advisable that you do a little research in finding coupons to use at any website that you shop as almost all of them come up with such codes to give us some extra discount and hence giving us a saving when shopping online. Just remember to do that search and instead now you can just come to Coupons Galore and search there for all the coupon codes or voucher codes to use to get you that extra discount, it really pays to do so.

What You Can Do?
1) You can start of with by subscribing to coupon feeds on any of the feed reader or via email from here.. There is no doubt that you will surely get a great coupon code to even give you 100% off on new start-ups or online stores are coming up in India, so that you know first before anyone else does. Just subscribe once using your email ID and get coupons into your email on a daily or as and when it is uploaded basis.

On Facebook
2) Also you can visit the CouponsGalore Facebook Page and give it a "LIKE" to get updates via Facebook.

I would personally request you all to subscribe or join any of the one of the above mentioned options to keep in touch at Coupons Galore. I hope I get all your support and wishes on this new venture and hope you great people will make it a success. I would also like to hear your suggestions, tips and ideas on what you would like to see more there and what can be done to improve it, etc. Also you can share this with all your friends on whatever way possible either via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

Also you can just improve it by giving feedback on whether that particular coupon has benefited you or not by clicking on the success percentage option given right next to each coupon code.

I can assure you one thing and that you will not regret doing any of the above mentioned actions now as you can surely only benefit from it because of all the savings you can make using all those coupons, vouchers, gift codes, etc.

December 15, 2011

Get Consultation + Hair Test(VMS) worth Rs. 1700/- at Rs. 250/- only !

Dr Batra's is a well known homeopathic group of clinics which has its presence in over 3 countries and 33 cities in India. There are a total of 81 clinics of Dr Batra’s across India as well as 250 well qualified doctors who have been rendering service on various ailments including skin diseases, stomach ailments, immunity, thyroid, asthma, sinusitis, etc. They are also specialists in hair loss which they have been very much known to render treatment successfully.

Dr Batra Offer
They have come up with a good offer for those who have been suffering or suspect to be suffering with hair loss or just wanted to make sure they don’t have any hair loss related issues. You will get the consultation from their doctors as well as an advanced hair test (VMS) which is said to be worth Rs. 1700 for just Rs. 250 only. This is a whopping saving

What You should do
Just Visit this exclusive Dr Batra's page submit your details like name, phone number and the preferred date and time for appointment and they will just contact you with the details for the appointment and you can just visit them once there. No need to pay online now, just submit your details and confirm your email and wait for their call or email to confirm your appointment.

Hair loss can be a very deadly issue if not looked into or treated early and homeopathy especially Dr Batra seems to have a perfect life long solution for the same. The treatment rendered by Dr Batra is absolutely without any side effects, which is very much guaranteed by them as well as their existing patients. Just try if you just want to make sure your hair condition is good and indeed not suffering from hair loss. If treated early, it can be completely cured.

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December 14, 2011

Pay Just Rs 30 & get 40% off on gifts at Archies

TimesDeal has done it yet again with another wonderful offer which will fetch you a flat 40% off on all the gifts, wallets, watches, soft toys and much more from Archies Online which is the online portal for the well known Gifts Brand Archies. You can buy any gifts at Archies Online like soft toys, wallets, wrist watches, dry flowers, photo frames, etc. This offer is valid only at the exclusive Times Deal Section provided by Archies Online and not elsewhere at their website. This deal is available Pan India and can be brought by anyone and use it at their website to get exclusive 40% discount on various gift products for this Christmas and New Year.

How to Avail
Just visit and register with your personal details (if you have not done so yet) else just login to your already existing account and visit this Archies Online Deal at their home page and buy this deal by paying Rs. 30. You will be sent an exclusive coupon code to use at which you can use to buy the products listed at the exclusive Times Deal Archies page there.

Coupon Validity
  • This coupon is valid till January 14, 2012
  • Only one coupon can be brought at a time and is valid for one transaction
  • It is valid only at the exclusive Timesdeal category products.
Can buy multiple coupons to buy more products or to gift someone

This is a decent offer to try if you are planning to buy gifts for your loved ones for this Christmas and New Year and can utilize this offer to get an amazing 40% off various gifts listed there at Archies.

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December 9, 2011

Get a whopping 50% off from Greendust which is one of the leading online electronics retailers have announced a very good new coupon code worth Rs. 250 which can be used to purchase almost any product available at their online store. The minimum purchase requirement is Rs. 500, which means that you will be getting a whopping 50% off on your purchase if you can find the right product around Rs. 500 there. Though this coupon cannot be used to buy pendrives, computer peripherals, computer accessories or irons available at the store. Those are the only conditions applicable for this offer.

Rs. 250 off Coupon Code: GDNYSPL

You can use the above coupon code while making the purchase, after choosing the product that you have planned to purchase. Even if you have chosen a product worth Rs. 1000 it is worth saving Rs. 250, if you are anyway planning to buy the same elsewhere at Rs. 1000. Hence this coupon is a great find and is worth using it if you are planning to buy electronics, mobile phone, home appliances, health and personal care products, etc.The above coupon is valid till January 15, 2012. Only one coupon can be used by one person.

Just visit and search for the ideal product around Rs. 500 or above and use the above coupon to get the discount of Rs. 250 on your shopping which is a worth saving, I personally feel.

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December 8, 2011

Get Free Cappuccino from Café Coffee Day

After the TimesDeal's offer of Gloria Jeans Coffees where you got buy 1 get 1 beverage, here’s yet another offer and this time it is from yet another daily deals website, MyDala. Here you will get a free cappuccino when you buy this deal from them by paying Rs. 50. But this Rs. 50 will be returned back to you by way of mydala points which can be later used to purchase other deals that come up in My Dala every now and then without needing to pay for the amount that is specified, i.e., Rs. 50.

Free Cappuccino
Just visit MyDala and then just buy this deal by paying Rs. 50 only. Then you will be sent a voucher to get it along with to the nearest Café Coffee Day outlet in your city. This offer is valid only for those who have a CCD outlet nearby in their city. With this voucher you will get a free Cappuccino at any outlet of your choice of Cafe Coffee Day. There may be a small tax which you will need to pay. You can buy a minimum of just 2 vouchers at a time with this offer.

Cash Back
The amount of Rs. 50 that you have paid for this deal will be returned back to you by way of MyDala points, which will fetch you 500 points which is equivalent to Rs. 50 and can be used to buy any other deals available at My Dala. These points will be credited back to your Mydala account within 48 hours.

This is also quite a decent offer to try as you get free cappuccino as well as get the cash back via points to use to buy any other similar deals at MyDala.

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December 2, 2011

Get a Rs. 599 Skechers Flipflop for Rs. 100 is the new website in town which is offering free Skechers as a promotional offer for all the new members who join Fopping now. This offer is valid for 2 days only. The price of the Skechers Flipflop is worth Rs. 599 but you can get it for free but you need to pay Rs. 100 as a shipping charge.

How to Avail
You can just visit and register for free and visit their home page where you will see the offer detail. You will need to earn Fopps (the rewards points at Fopping to get the deal for free which you can get it by sharing the offers at Facebook and Twitter) and you will get as much points as you want according to your share, each ranging from 200 Fopps and above and once you have earned 600 Fopps just head to the Skechers Flipflop page and use your Fopps to make the purchase and hence you will need not pay a single paisa to buy it, of which the price is Rs. 599.

Just proceed to check out and pay the shipping charges of Rs. 100 and get the Skechers Flip Flop of your size for free. Choose the correct size and proceed to buy before making the payment. Which I felt was worth the price to pay for a branded flipflop. If you too feel so, then can easily try this offer, its worth it.

This offer may be stopped any time soon once they have reached their target audience I guess or the required number of members or till the Stock of the flipflop lasts. So, hurry before the offer gets exhausted.

You can also use those points or redeem it to buy a Reebok Watch worth Rs. 2599 and pay the balance amount to buy it. Try the maximum points to redeem it though.

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Get 15-100% Cash Back at the Asia’s largest online baby products portal have come up with their first anniversary or birthday offer with the Biggest Shopping Festival wherein you can get from 15% to 100% cash back on all your purchases made at FirstCry during this offer period of December 1, 2011 to December 15, 2011. The minimum purchase that you need to make to avail this cash back is Rs. 750. Also this offer is not applicable on diapers or the super savers products there.

Cash Back Offer Details
  • Shop at First Cry between Dec 1 to Dec 15, 2011
  • Make sure your minimum purchase is for Rs. 750
  • After making the purchase wait for the cash back email from FirstCry within 24 hours to the day you get the delivery of your purchase in case of cash on delivery option is chosen
  • You will get a coupon with the amount of cash back value
  • This coupon you can use at your next purchase to the percentage discount mentioned in the coupon
  • This coupon does not have any minimum purchase requirement and hence can be even brought for as low as Rs. 100.
  • This coupon is valid for only 10 days from which it was sent
  • This coupon cannot be redeemed for diapers or supersavers

FirstCry is surely impressing me with their range of offers and coupon codes and discounts that they have been offering of late and even this offer is a decent one if you are anyway planning to make a purchase for your baby, as you don’t have to incur any shipping charges you can buy via First Cry and get the cash back on your purchase. The price mentioned at First Cry also seems to be pretty okay as they are not very costly as far as I can see.

If you have not registered at FirstCry yet just do so now and make your first purchase to get the benefits and offers for your baby. They have the whole range of products to choose from for your baby or kid ranging from clothing, toys, baby gears, fashion accessories, baby care products, books, CDs, maternity products, birthday party products, back to school, etc.

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December 1, 2011

Pay Rs. 50 and Get Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge the leading daily deals website has come up with a fantastic offer for all of us, especially for those who use prepaid mobile across India, all you have to do is to pay just Rs. 50 at the and get a promo code worth Rs. 100 to use at to recharge your mobile phone for Rs. 100. This offer is valid only for the next 18 hours or so hurry before the offer is stopped by them. This offer is valid across all major cities in India at Times Deal, as it is a Pan India Deal from them.

How to Get it?
Just visit and register if you have not registered at TimesDeal yet, or else login and proceed to PayTM offer page and pay Rs. 50 for the deal and get your promo code delivered to your registered email ID. You can use that promo code at to get a mobile recharge of a minimum of Rs. 100 for free and if you need to recharge more than Rs. 100 then pay the balance to get that recharge instantly credited to your prepaid mobile account. At use the option “I want to use promocode” to enter the code to get the discount or Rs. 100 worth talk time or topup credited.

The promo code that you receive from Times Deal to use at is valid till December 15, 2011. You can use this promo code to recharge your mobile, DTH or data card plans. You can use this code only once at Pay Tm.

I just tried it and it worked like a charm. This is a great offer from Times Deal who have been coming up various other similar offers like the latest Barista Offer and Planet M Offer. This offer is a must try for all.

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