December 15, 2011

Get Consultation + Hair Test(VMS) worth Rs. 1700/- at Rs. 250/- only !

Dr Batra's is a well known homeopathic group of clinics which has its presence in over 3 countries and 33 cities in India. There are a total of 81 clinics of Dr Batra’s across India as well as 250 well qualified doctors who have been rendering service on various ailments including skin diseases, stomach ailments, immunity, thyroid, asthma, sinusitis, etc. They are also specialists in hair loss which they have been very much known to render treatment successfully.

Dr Batra Offer
They have come up with a good offer for those who have been suffering or suspect to be suffering with hair loss or just wanted to make sure they don’t have any hair loss related issues. You will get the consultation from their doctors as well as an advanced hair test (VMS) which is said to be worth Rs. 1700 for just Rs. 250 only. This is a whopping saving

What You should do
Just Visit this exclusive Dr Batra's page submit your details like name, phone number and the preferred date and time for appointment and they will just contact you with the details for the appointment and you can just visit them once there. No need to pay online now, just submit your details and confirm your email and wait for their call or email to confirm your appointment.

Hair loss can be a very deadly issue if not looked into or treated early and homeopathy especially Dr Batra seems to have a perfect life long solution for the same. The treatment rendered by Dr Batra is absolutely without any side effects, which is very much guaranteed by them as well as their existing patients. Just try if you just want to make sure your hair condition is good and indeed not suffering from hair loss. If treated early, it can be completely cured.

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