December 29, 2011

My Personal Review of

Here's my experience of review when making my purchase online at which is said to be the Asia's largest online baby and kids portal. I was very impressed with the way they are promoting their website and coming up with various coupons and offers and hence I ordered a kid's clothing and used their coupon code to buy the same and paid the balance via credit card. I thought I had gotten into a good deal by buying a branded clothing, namely Baby Hug. Since I had already brought some products with FirstCry before without any issues, hence decided to try it again.

The Process
The process of searching and finding the products were very easy and I could find them by way of searching and segregating according to age, price and brands were excellent and easy to do and the process of going up to the shopping cart too was done in a jiffy and hassle free.

What I Got
So, the ordering process went smoothly and I was able to order it except for had some issues in using the Coupon Code and could not use it once and hence decided to try the next day and it work and ordered the same by using the coupon code and got the discount credited and paid the balance.

I thought I had ordered a great brand and would receive a high quality around Rs. 400 worth clothing yet I paid only Rs. 250 for the same after the discount, but I was shocked to see a product which was never looking like a branded cloth instead it looked like a stiched clothing by the local tailer and the quality of the cloth was even inferior and never worth what they have claimed to be around Rs. 400 but looked to be worth only around Rs. 100!

Shipping and Packing
I was also not satisfied with the packing I received as it was packed in a small cramped up box and the cloth was stuffed inside that small box, and was very disappointed with the way it was sent to me! The delivery part was okay as it was sent to me via courier.

Since I was dissatisfied with the quality, I decided for a replacement (but by this time it has been used unfortunately) and hence got a negative reply on the same. Also their customer service people are also very confused and was replying without going through the complaint completely. Hence my online shopping with FirstCry in this particular time was a disappointment to be frank.

Although I had ordered some diapers previously and found the quality and the packing to be perfect and of value for money. At that time I was very satisfied with the shopping but the second time (as mentioned above) was disappointed!

I was wondering whether the previous issue with them was probably related to using the coupon code? Only a representative from FirstCry can answer it!

Hence if FirstCry wants to become a leader in this baby or kids stuff online they need to tweak these minor issues and should concentrate more on quality in terms of products as well as their customer service! And I definitely hope they would. They should also train their customer service personnel further to improve the service in particular. Otherwise, I see FirstCry to be a great place to shop for your kids and I would recommend but before going for the purchase, do the research thoroughly on the brand and price and then proceed.

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Sanjay said...

I've used HushBabies and BabyOye - they both have excellent service.

Here is an example.
I ordered a walker worth Rs. 1250 from BabyOye and due to a mistake in the online description of the item, I ended up ordering the wrong one. This was a gift for someone and by the time a replacement could come, they would be gone. The guys at babyoye not only accepted their mistake, but sent a pickup courier and refunded the full amount to me. If ever I were to buy anything for a kid, it would be babyoye.
I have never returned anything to HushBabies, but their packing, delivery service, quality have been good