December 28, 2011

My Personal Review on

As part of the reviews that I had promised some time back, I am back again with the reviews and starting with my personal experience on my buying experience at I just ordered three books at FlipKart and got it delivered on time without any hassles. You can find my overall experience when shopping online below. Apart from the minor hassle I faced, it was a good experience overall, please read my full review below.

My Review
I thought of buying couple of books and since they were not available at the local book dealers I decided to try FlipKart and found those books available and in stock and was very glad about it and immediately latched on the opportunity to order them. Since those 2 books cost less than Rs. 200 (just missed) I decided to add another book to make the purchase value over Rs. 200 to get it delivered for free without any shipping charges (otherwise Rs. 30). Searching and finding those books were pretty easy as long as you know the exact or approximate title or know the ISBN. Apart from books you can find electronics, mobile phones, computers, cameras, home kitchen, health products, gaming, etc. there.

The price of the books are provided at lesser than the MRP at around 5 to 10% less price and hence even better option to buy them at Flip Kart rather than at your neighborhood book shops which charge you with the MRP. Apart from that the shipping charges is a nominal Rs. 30 for orders less than Rs. 200 and they are offering free shipping for all orders above Rs. 200 which is indeed a great way to shop online, my personal opinion.

Ordering Process
The ordering process was not an easy one to be frank, when I was making the payment there were issues like delay in processing and took time to make the payment. But the surprise didn't end there, after making the payment and the payment getting deducted, my order status still showed as "yet to make payment" and I was very disappointed with this and had to email the FlipKart customer service and got the reply within the same day stating that it was technical issue and indeed they have received my payment and the order is on the way.

Delivery and Packaging
Within couple of days, I received the 2 books sent seperately. And in another one day I received the third book without any hassles and the delivery personnel were directly from FlipKart itself and not just by any courier company and hence they are particular about delivering to the correct person and address.

I need to make a special mention about the packaing. I was very very impressed with the packaging they have provided for those 3 books individually. It was well protected with 2 or 3 layer packaging and hence there is hardly any chance of getting damaged (hope they provide the same care for electronics as well) and the book was perfectly in shape and I was very satisfied with it.

Overall I felt very satisfied with my online shopping at FlipKart and decided to dedicate all my book purchases at FlipKart henceforth.

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Jenis Shah said...

well i always used cash on delivery option so never face any technical problem. I have till date ordered a laptop of toshiba cost 17000, a few batteries for my nokia mobile , earphones for my mp3 player and my mobile, an iron, a few books, and last but not the least an android phone,. All the products r almost 4 mnths old and working almost properly . I have a positive review about flipkart. All products properly packed specially the laptop which i ordered during rainny days in august. Friends i simply suggest u can try flipkart for shopping without leaving ur home and paying when the product gets delivered. Try the cheapest product if u want to see the service of flipkart.

Shiva said...

hi Jenis, thanks for the quick comment and suggestion, yes, i am also planning to go only for the cash on delivery option which is a great new way to make payments especially for the online shops in India which was not the case previously.