January 18, 2012

Tyche'd - The Social Wishlist Review

Today is the era of the social networking and sharing, and Tyche'd does just what it is, your social wishlist of your purchase wish which you share with your friends. It works the best on Facebook. And most importantly it is free to use. Tyche is the Greek Goddess of Fortune and also it means luck in Greek and hence it purely means you are getting lucky on your future shopping or purchase decisions.

How does Tyched Work
Tyched works just the way how Facebook and other social networks work. Just visit Tyched.com and login using your Facebook account and then share your wish or wishlist on your near or future purchase, it may be a car, house in a place, LCD TV or high end laptop or anything of your choice. After that just share the same with your friends in Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail and invite them join you and see if they too are interested in buying the same.

Now begin your own group buying in your city and go to the nearest dealer or shop and negotiate a deal since you are buying it in bulk! That's it. This is what Tyched is all about.

It sounds interesting and a good social networking move for our high end or future purchases. This group buying app or tool can be used for buying anything that you wish and get them at lesser price sharing it with friends and relatives who too will join the wishlist to get them to buy at cheaper price due to the bulk purchase involved in the same and negotiation is possible.

Just join Tyched and join and start your own group buying tool and hence save on all your shopping. It is an ideal platform for all the shopping and deals buff out there. I have joined myself there!

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