February 28, 2012

Flipkart Flyte – The New MP3 Download Store Review

Flipkart has launched its very own Indian version of the Apple iTunes namely Flyte Digital Store. Where you can buy music online and download it rather than buying a CD. So that you can use or transfer the music anywhere and listen to it on your favourite devices or gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, computers, MP3 players, etc. It is also said to be the India's largest music download store with this launch!

  • You get CD quality music
  • DRM Free (can copy or transfer many times and anywhere)
  • You can sync it with various devices you own

MP3 Downloads
One can find all the latest to old songs of Bollywood, English, Tamil, Telugu and more languages at Flipkart Flyte where you can search or browse through using the album name, songs, language, genre. There are around 55 languages and over 700 genres to choose from for the downloads.

The price of each album ranges from Rs. 25 to Rs. 150 and more. You can also purchase individual tracks for a lesser price like Rs. 5 and more.

Buying Songs
After browsing and adding the songs or albums to your digital cart you can make the payment via credit card, debit card, netbanking or any other payment options available but the cash on delivery option is not available for these digital song downloads for obvious reasons.

Flipkart Wallet
You can also pay using the option called Flipkart Wallet which is nothing but the pre-paid payment option from Flipkart where you can add money once and use it many times until the entire amount gets exhausted and refill again. Thus you don’t have to expose your credit card details every time you need purchase a song or album! With this Flipkart Wallet there are many other advantages like easy to transact, faster check-outs, no failed payments at all.

Coming back to the Flyte option, as soon as you have brought some song or album you can find the same at the MP3 Library page and can download the brought song or album as many as 4 times only. You can download the songs in various bit rates ranging from 65 kbps to 320 kbps for better quality audios or music. You can download the songs or albums individually or can use their Flyte Download Manager to download the entire collection in bulk at one go.

The main advantage of buying music online at Flipkart or any other sources it that you are not supporting piracy and the exclusive advantages of buying it at Flipkart are
  • DRM Free – hence you can download or share or copy it with any of the devices that you own like Mp3 player, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
  • Get your songs instantly by paying a nominal charge for it.
What are your taking about this new venture from Flipkart? Do you really buy music whereas it is available for free everywhere else on the net? What is your views? Just share it here in the comments!

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jagadish said...

If we have the chance to browse net why we have to purchase from here, we can download from other source itself.
Good:But the most valid point is "we can avoid piracy".
Useful for which the rare/ old albums we can not get in net.

Shiva said...

@jagadish, great views and it is indeed true in Flyte's case!