February 16, 2012

Get a Free Sample Pack of Nicorette Chewing Gum

Nicorette is a chewing gum brand from Johnson and Johnson aimed at smokers who were trying to quit smoking. It is a chewing gum which will aid in stopping smoking without much trouble or urge to smoke again. This chewing gum is only for the existing smokers and would be advisable for the non-smokers as it might contain traces of nicotine which is the prime ingredient of cigarettes.

By the way coming back to this offer, Johnson & Johnson is giving away free sample of Nicorette for all the smokers out there who are willing to quit smoking by trying Nicorette.

How to Get Free Sample
Just visit the Nicorette India’s Facebook page and fill in your details and submit the same to receive the free sample within of submission. This is a 2 mg sample pack and contains 4 gums in it and is available only for those who are 18 years and above and perhaps they are advising to consult a doctor before using it. This chewing gum can also be used by those who chew tobacco in the form gutka, mawa, pan masala, etc.

I would suggest to go for this only if you are a smoker or knew someone who smokes in your family and among friends to give it to them or use their details to send them the free sample.

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Madan said...

Received the sample. Thanks for your posting.