March 3, 2012

Big Bazaar – The Great Exchange Offer 2012

Just like every year, Big Bazaar has come up with The Great Exchange Offer for this year and it is on from February 18 to April 7, 2012. With this exchange offer you can just about exchange anything that you find as waste or useless lying in your home right from the newspapers to tyres, shoes, luggage, plastic wastes, etc. In exchange of those old things you will get Big Bazaar Coupons which can used to purchase anything available at Big Bazaar including products at Food Bazaar.

Price of Old Stuff
  • Old Newspaper – Rs. 30 per kg
  • Old Utensils – Rs. 200 per kg
  • Old furniture – up to Rs. 750 per furniture
  • Old plastics – Rs. 50 per kg
  • Old electronics – upto Rs. 5000 per gadget or electronic
  • Old clothes – Rs. 250 per kg
  • Old leather products – Rs. 30 per kg
  • Old luggage – Rs. 50 per kg

Limitation and Hidden Conditions of the Offer
Although you may get Big Bazaar Exchange Coupons, these coupons comes with certain limitations like it can be used only with minimum purchase requirement and that varies from section to section at Big Bazaar, so make sure you know those most important limitation with this great exchange offer and avail it accordingly rather than thinking it is a most profitable option because of the huge price being mentioned above for the old products.

Grocery Offer
Also for certain groceries you get additional 10% extra discount when you use these exchange coupons, mostly the combo products only.

Visa Card Offer
Apart from the above exchange offer monthly savings bazaar every month you also get to buy certain products under the super saver offers at 5% extra off when you using your Visa Card to make your purchases at Big Bazaar including Food Bazaar.

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Vipul Darji said...

Just been to BB yesterday and as mention in some of post, guys this offers has its pros and cons, means you have to go with determined mind that i wanted to purchase certain items only ...otherwise you end up buying lots of unwanted stuff ...

This is great example of mass marketing scheme to lure the shoppers and clear out the inventory for BB but they should display the condition on their ads too .... which makes things more clear...

Shiva said...

@Vipul Darji, very good observation and good tips to follow when you go to BB especially to avail this offer.

I C Naik said...

This is about
Big bazar Kandivali (West)
Entry in to the store from car Parking is very inconvenient for Seniors and those who have restrictions to use stairs due to heart problems. A walk way near the toilets should be made available to them.

Anonymous said...

Big Bazaar Exchange offer is Total vague!

I went to utilize the exchange offer and got coupons worth of Rs 650. When I went to utilize those coupons I realize I could just use them for a week after which they would expire and that too the coupons will be applicable for 10% or 25 % of total value. after shopping for 2000 bucks I was only able to use coupons worth of Rs250. And now the rest of 400 is wasted as I cannot purchase goods worth of Rs 4000 in the same week.

The whole gimmick of BB exchange is blown out of proportion and the customer stands to gain nothing out of it.

Anonymous said...

i went yesterday big bazaar,mulund for exchange my old things but i don't know that u'r exchange offers was gone on 25th u tell me what can i do b'cas u not declaire in paper

Alokananda Ghosh said...

Will be extremely obliged if the company would apologize for the misleading advertisements carried across major newspapers for your "The Great Exchange Offer 18th Feb - 1st Apr". I have scanned the advertisement in today's The Telegraph (Saturday 31, 2012 Page 23) after returning from your outlet, and NOWHERE is it mentioned that Big Bazaar has stopped accepting the "old things" for exchange. I had even verified last Saturday at the Big Bazaar counter and they clearly mentioned that the offer is valid till April 1. Today when I visited the Big Bazaar of VIP Road, Kolkata, I was informed that the offer closed on March 25. WHY THEN HAVE YOU INSERTED A MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENT? Will you compensate for the effort spent in visiting your esteemed outlet only to be faced with some nonsense excuses. AND, NOBODY HAD AN EXPLANATION. Because there was none. Are you not taking your customers, their time and effort for granted? It's time you showed some RESPECT for your customers.
AND, I was not the only one harassed. But I doubt how many middle class, "attracted by schemes and offers" customers will actually find time from their daily grudge to even bother to say a word. So much for belonging to the 'much sought after middle class"!

I don't expect any action from an organization as irresponsible as yours. However, I wanted to make a point this one time.

Can you also teach your employees some basic manners? Or maybe you don't charge us enough. or maybe each of aspire to you live up to the tagline "Isse sasta kahin nahi." Somewhere in your 10-year journey, maybe you forgot the " aur achcha' part.

Thanks for bothering to read. And thanks for making me feel so frustrated after so many years of being your customer. Though it won't make any difference to you, I think I will return to my local grocery shop and rely on the markets to buy whatever I need. Thanks again.