April 2, 2012

Rs. 200 off on Purchase of Rs. 500 at Allschoolstuff.com

Allschoolstuff.com is the latest entrant and is said to be the first online school and learning store in India. They sell all school related stuff as well as stationery, books, student supplies furniture, toys and gifts and more, mostly catering to the need of the kids but also some products catering to the office needs. They have been announcing new coupon codes to use for those who register at their website for the first time, till last month they had Rs. 100 off code but some time they had changed it to Rs. 200 off coupon code which can used to purchase any products available at their website as long as your total purchase value is Rs. 500.

Rs. 200 off Coupon Codes
There are 2 Coupon Codes which You Can use after registering for free and which you will receive in your email ID and they are:




The coupon codes are valid with a minimum purchase of Rs. 500 and above. Valid only for 1 month from the date of registering there at Allschoolstuff. It is a pretty handy and useful code to use to get a discount or saving of Rs. 200 on your shopping for kid's school related stuff.

The above coupon codes are extremely useful if you are planning to buy school related stuff for your kids as it is the season of buying the same at the end of the term and start of another new term at most place in India. Also you get the discount of almost 40% on your shopping if you can shop for just Rs. 500 there at All School Stuff.

What You Can Buy
I would personally suggest you to buy stationery, art and craft, student supplies and office stationeries and products which are anyway being sold or need to buy only at MRP and hence you get the real savings rather than buying unknown products which may be sold at a slightly more than the actual price as there is no fixed or MRP price available for them, like the school bags, school box, sports accessories, gifts, etc.

Hope this is a useful coupon code for you and share the same below on the comment on how you have used it or how you are planning to use it, etc.

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