August 10, 2012

Reliance Trends Independence Day Special Sale 2012

As is expected the Reliance Trends, India’s Largest Fashion destination, has come up with its usual Independence Day Special Sale where when you shop for Rs. 1947 you can get clothes worth Rs. 1947 for free. This is a special sale valid only till August 15, 2012 and the offer is from today, August 10. This offer is applicable on all the Reliance Trends Stores across India but valid only on select clothes and accessories. This offer has been extended till August 19, 2012.

There is no restriction in availing the offer except for that you need to shop only the select merchandise to avail this offer. This offer is not available on the already discounted clothing on display at Reliance Trends. There are merchandise which do not come under this offer too. This offer is valid till stocks last or till August 15, 2012.

What Discount You Get
This means that all the discounts you have availed till yesterday goes off as I have personally seen the Reliance Trends Staff removing all the discount price tag attached to all the clothing in the store at their Chennai store and which means that all the discounts that you have been availing till yesterday goes from today and you will buy them at the regular prices but the only difference being that you can get additional clothing worth Rs. 1947 during this offer period. And after that it will be the usual price without discounts, etc.

So if you have been planning to go for shopping for clothing just utilize this opportunity to buy them at this Independence Day offer to buy the clothes at flat 50% off and this opportunity is given only once every twice a year i.e., also during the Republic Day!

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