January 9, 2013

Donate a Free Blanket for the Homeless via Tradus

Partnering with Uday Foundation [a non-profit organization], we have decided to distribute blankets which you buy at a significantly discounted rate from Tradus. Your choice to make a donation to the community will directly affect a life. Join our movement and take a step forward to provide the homeless with a blanket and hope.

Tradus is selling these special blankets worth Rs. 399 for just Rs. 150 for us to buy them and donate the same to the Uday Foundation who will in turn will give the same to the needy and homeless on the streets who are suffering with severe cold especially in North India, Delhi, etc.

How to Donate?

  • Click on the "BUY & DONATE" button below to go the product page.
  • At the product page, select "BUY NOW" to add the product to your cart.
  • After you login, you will need to enter a shipping address*. However, the blanket will not be shipped to this address, but shipped to the registered Uday Foundation address.
  • In the review page, use code DONATE during checkout to help us identify your donation.
  • Proceed to make payment using the payment method of your choice.
  • Uday Foundation will distribute the blankets to the homeless.
  • You will receive a Thank You Note from Uday Foundation.

This is a great initiative from both Tradus and Uday Foundation to help the real needy during these tough climatic conditions prevailing in the country.  This special blanket donation campaign is a welcome move and if you are really interested in helping those homeless kids and elderly and others who are suffering in the outside during this cold weather utilise this opportunity buy and donate blankets to the needy.  To buy and donate visit tradus.com and click on the banner which says "Donate a Blanket".

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