March 13, 2013

Get World Book Encyclopedia - 2013 for Rs. 1

Tradus has come up with an offer where you can get to buy the latest The World Book Encyclopedia - 2013 Deluxe Indian Edition for Rs. 1 plus Rs. 199 for postage and handling.  This World Book Encyclopedia s said to be worth Rs. 1995 but they are giving this away on a promotional offer.  This is said to be an ideal encyclopedia for kids and contains lots of useful information and knowledge gaining stuff.

If you were planning to buy a similar Encyclopedia CD for yourself or for your kids, you can go ahead and try this product from Tradus and sounds useful at a price of just Rs. 199 or may be perhaps not as there are also some Indian version similar to this Encyclopedia available for around the same price but not the same CD.

The complete details about this CD:

The 2013 India edition of the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia CD is completely up to date with more than 4,000 new and expanded articles, as well as gorgeous new photographs and illustrations. The educational and fun journey begins here. In one hybrid encyclopedia Compact Disc. Best Encyclopedia CD for your family and kids!

Features and benefits include:

  • Thousands of World Book Encyclopedia articles which provide reliable and current information
  • Expert contributors, advisors, editors, and researchers collaborate to ensure that articles are understandable, accurate, and reflect current scholarship
  • Structure and writing style help make articles accessible to a wide range of readers. Such devices as pronunciations and definitions in context promote readability and subject mastery.  Want to see just how much rain there is in Spain? World Book map overlays give you the details on rainfall, temperature, industries, minerals, and more.

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