August 15, 2013

Get Free Mobile Recharge from Amulyam

Yes, you heard it right, actually you can get paid to read the emails sent by Amulyam which is one of the very few Indian companies that does it and they have been doing it for the past couple or more years, most successfully.  But the only difference is that you will be paid via mobile recharge which you can later redeem to recharge your prepaid mobile.  Also there are various other ways in which you can earn money by way of free recharge.  I have been using their service for the past 1 to 1-1/2 years and have gotten great amount of free recharge for my mobile by various means as discussed below.

How Amulyam Works:

  • Just visit Amulyam and register for free by giving your personal details including your email ID and mobile number
  • Once done this first part, now all you need to do is to wait for their paid emails in which all you need to do is to click on the mail and get the credit for the same.  The minimum amount for each mail can be 25 paise onwards.
  • Also you can earn credits by various means like login credit, play quiz and earn your points and accumulate the same to recharge
  • Once your wallet reaches a minimum of Rs. 10, then you can recharge the same on your mobile
  • Also you can get additional credits by way of registering, signing up or doing some tasks from Amulyam which they come up every now and then

Ways to Earn Free Recharge

  •  Earn up to Rs. 0.25 just for login into your account daily
  • Earn more by playing games, quizes, trivias, etc.
  • Earn additional credits via special offers, etc.
  • Invite your friends to Amulyam and get more credits to recharge your prepaid mobile
  • Create your own quizes, contests funny pictures etc., to earn more credits.
  • There are also other ways in which you can earn free recharge credits to your account

If you are looking to earn some additional free recharge for your prepaid mobile, I would surely suggest you to register free at Amulyam and start getting free talktime.

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