March 14, 2014

Get a Free Sample Trial Pack of Meswak Toothpaste

Meswak toothpaste is known for its ayurvedic and natural properties from the house of Dabur.  It comes loaded with all the nature's best ingredients to protect your teeth when brushed with it.  It contains various herbs which has been proven to be beneficial for our teeth if used regularly.

Some of the benefits of Meswak:

Meswak is a scientifically formulated herbal toothpaste with pure extract of the Miswak plant 'Salvadore Persica', the famous 'Toothbrush Tree' used for centuries. The astringent and anti-bacterial properties of Meswak help reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent gum diseases.
Miswak Herb is a rare, potent, priceless, wonder herb that delivers incredible Oral Care benefits. Dabur brings this wonder herb in the form of 'Meswak' toothpaste. It is scientifically proven to reduce tarter & plaque, fights germs & bacteria to keep gums healthy, helps prevent tooth decay, eliminates bad breath and ensures strong teeth. In short, Meswak provides Complete Oral Care.

Now they have come up with a trial pack offer where you can request for a free sample of Dabur Meswak Toothpaste from them by submitting your contact details on the below mentioned link to get it.

How to Get Free Meswak Trial Pack: 

  1. Visit this exclusive link
  2. Enter your personal details including your mobile number, email id, present toothpaste, etc.
  3. Confirm your personal details and submit to get an email confirmation.
  4. Wait for their call or email about sending the Meswak free sample.

This offer is available only for a limited period only and hence hurry to submit your details to get your free trial pack of Meswak from Dabur. 

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