November 28, 2014

Procedure on Using Cash Back Offers Promo Code at Mobikwik

The process of getting the cash back on all their cash back offers is a bit confusing, as rather than using the promo code when transacting or adding cash you will have to do it afterwards adding the cash.  Just note that this is an "How To" process on getting the cash back and not the actual offer itself.

How to Get Cash Back

  • Visit Mobikwik and choose Add Money option 
  • Enter the amount you wish to add
  • Proceed and pay via credit card/debit card/netbanking
  • Now you will get a confirmation message about cash added
  • Now go to your My Account Section
  • Click on "Redeem Promo Code"
  • Now you will need to verify your mobile number (This process needs to be completed every time you had to use a promo code)
  • Verify by clicking continue, you will get an SMS and it will be automatically confirmed
  • If you are using your mobile number in a different phone than the one that you are using the Mobikwik then you will need to enter the confirmation SMS manually at Mobikwik installed phone
  • After confirming your mobile number, just enter the Promo Code
  • Now again you will get a confirmation SMS stating whether the cash back has been added or not
  • If the promo code is invalid then you will get the message that it is not valid for the said offer

I personally feel this process is very tedious and should be like adding the promo code when adding the cash as there may be times where the offer may not work after adding the cash!  This will inconvenience their users!  As has happened for many from the complaints that they have received on their Facebook page, etc.

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