December 24, 2014

Buy Maggi Soup & Get Free Rs. 250 Gift Voucher from Snapdeal

Nestle Maggi Soups has come with new offer where if you just buy their wide range of soups available you can get an assured gift voucher worth Rs. 250 from Snapdeal.  This 250 off is valid only on the sports and fitness merchandise to promote health and fitness.  This offer, Snack Healthy Win Healthy is valid on select Maggi Soup packs and also you will be eligible to win various other prizes like treadmills, gym bags, yoga mats and diet plans.
Maggi and Snapdeal Offer
Maggi Promo Packs

How to Claim Rs. 250 Assured Gift Voucher

  • Just buy any of the offer pack of Maggi Healthy Soups 
  • Buy only those packs where the offer will be mentioned on it
  • It will be mentioned "Snack Healthy Win Healthy" and Snapdeal Logo on it
  • After buying it and using it open the pack to find the 10 digit unique code
  • Use code as the promo code to use at to get the discount
  • Get Rs. 250 off when buying products from Sports & Fitness and Health Cateogry
  • Use it to get the discount and proceed to your shopping cart and finish your order
  • This offer is valid on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1499, and valid till January 31, 2015

This offer is good only for those who were anyway planning to buy sports and fitness products worth Rs. 1499 and above and utilize this Maggi Soup Code to get the extra discount at Snapdeal.  Otherwise it is not as good because of the minimum purchase requirement of Rs. 1499.  Offer is valid on Maggi Mixed vegetables, rich tomato, sweet corn, cream of mushroom, creamy chicken soups.
Maggi and Snapdeal Offer
Snapdeal Rs. 250 Voucher and other Prizes

Also Win other Prizes

  • Also you can with other prizes like free treadmills, free gym bag, yoga mats and Apollo Diet plans
  • Just use the same above code at Maggi Soup Promo 
  • The offer is differentiated for rest of india and Tamil Nadu
  • For rest of india you just need to enter the code and get a confirmation whether you won or not later
    • You will need to enter the same 10 digit promo code and mobile number
    • Wait for their confirmation later if you have won any gifts or not
  • For Tamil Nadu you will need to answer a very simple question in order to qualify as follows
    • Enter the promo code and mobile number
    • Also Answer the following question "Why is MAGGI Healthy Soups the perfect snack?"
    • While the answer for it is obvious with the choices given (Both)
    • Now wait for their confirmation for prize winning which you will get confirmation after the end of promo
  • You can also send the sms "SOUP followed by the code to 56677 to participate in this contest
There are also other terms and conditions applicable which you can find on the above link of Maggi Soup Promo. 

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